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who's talking here?

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ATXmom --- 6 years ago -

$10 for $20 to spend on food and nonalcoholic drinks at lunch

$15 for $30 to spend on food and nonalcoholic drinks at dinner

For those that feel it is too "overpriced" - here's your chance! 

Perfection --- 6 years ago -

Never a good sign when places start giving half off coupons.

Shows they really are over pricing their items. 

them --- 6 years ago -

Thanks, Stephanie!

Cafe Du Bois likely isn't your type of place, Chunky. You seem more of a Golden Corral buffet kinda gal. 

Perfection --- 6 years ago -

Eh, I am more the sort that would rather cook myself.

But that aside, normal business 101 is that once a restaurant offers 50% off deals it is very hard to get their customers to return to paying 100% again and long term they suffer sales lag.

But hey, don't let basic economics stop you. I'm all about saving so go enjoy.

Or even better, don't do the deal and just go pay 100% to help the business out. 

ladybeachbum --- 6 years ago -

They used to have coupons a long time ago for b1g1. It worries me the places won't be in business by the time I get around to using them. I still have a couple in my file. 

RedMulch --- 6 years ago -

their food is good and their service is excellent. It is the kind of place i would be embarrassed to use a coupon. Unless it was for 

*LOL* --- 6 years ago -

Thanks, Stephanie!

I think is such a great, under rated place. I went to a girls lunch there over the summer and it was very reasonable for the level of service and wonderful food.

So what if a business wants to get the word out and attract some new customers? It makes good business sense to me. 

ladybeachbum --- 6 years ago -

Well, RM, use the coupon and drink it up! I agree though. 

them --- 6 years ago -

Here ya' go, chunkster.


Work in Progress --- 6 years ago -

I love that place! Thanks for the heads up! 

Warren Peace --- 6 years ago -

Perfection, one of the great things about spending a bit more at places like Cafe du Bois is you get to experience a meal prepared by chefs more skilled than you and I using techniques and recipes we may not have tried. It's about trying something different to get outside your comfort zone. Once you find something interesting and new to you, you attempt to cook it yourself at home. It's not uncommon for chefs at places like this to come out and answer questions and offer tips if you ask.

Not only do you get to enjoy a great meal, it can serve as an investment in becoming a better skilled cook. 

ATXmom --- 6 years ago -

I have always felt that the food there is very good, selection is varied, service is excellent, and exactly what Warren said - it's different! Great lunch destination. You can always hear the conversation with your lunch partner(s) in a nice atmosphere. 

Perfection --- 6 years ago -

I'm not suggesting at all the place is not good.

Just business statistics that those who use the coupons rarely return to pay twice as much. 

them --- 6 years ago -

Can you provide the source of these "business statistics"? 

aragon --- 6 years ago -

Cool deal, Just got one. 

mutton --- 6 years ago -

Wooderson, not nice... 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

Their food is always good there. I forget about them sometimes!

KU meet up!!

Interesting Wooderson. You knew Perfection was once Chunky? I guess you aren't that 'new'. Lol 

dirtygert --- 6 years ago -

Was this today as I did not find it? 

Warren Peace --- 6 years ago -

i just ordered one too. The deal is too good to pass up. I don't go there nearly as much as I'd like to. The May expiration date should give me plenty time. 

them --- 6 years ago -

If you purchased one of these and have not used it yet, you are too late. Cafe Du Bois canceled all remaining vouchers. You must request a refund through Amazon local.

Nice knowing you, Cafe Du Bois... 

aragon --- 6 years ago -

They can do that? I was planning on using mine this weekend.

Did they just give back the 15 dollars or are they honoring the full 30 value with regard to the refund? 

aragon --- 6 years ago -

I just contacted Amazon Local about this. I will provide feedback as I get it.

and later today I have a phone call with an Amazon recruiter. LOL 

Just stuck --- 6 years ago -

Perfection Café DuBois has done that for years. I bought a few years back for a friend. It's nothing new. 

JHMO --- 6 years ago -

I bought $100 worth of GC's at Christmas time from for Café Du Bois, I wonder if they are still good! 

aragon --- 6 years ago -

Confirmed that they canceled the vouchers.

I am now working with Amazon to handle the issue going forward. 

ladybeachbum --- 6 years ago -

You will most likely just get a credit for the $15. I ordered a couple things from Living Social and the company ran out and all they do is give you a credit. Doesn't sound like good judgement to not honor their coupons unless they are closing. 

aragon --- 6 years ago -

Are they going out of business?

If not, they should. 

mutton --- 6 years ago -

They may be now! 

aragon --- 6 years ago -

I was able to get the refund plus a voucher for 15 dollars for future use.

Amazon tends to come through when needed.

I am sorry to see Cafe Du Bois close if that is what is going on, even if I'm not happy about the gift certificate issue.

They made good food. 

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