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Sand Creek underground water pipes

who's talking here?

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Watson6 --- 3 years ago -

Does anyone have the phone number for the company that recently replaced water pipes underground in Sand Creek? They dug up the area around our back gate and now it's like a sinkhole. I need them to come back and fix it. 

Leila --- 3 years ago -

I don't know if this is who did the work but on my list of community resources this is the number I have:

Water Issues: Kingwood, STE (Severn Trent) 281-358-2828. 

Jpgirl --- 3 years ago -

Call City of Houston water. Severn Trent didn't do the work- they may have been in charge- but they contracted it out if they were in charge. They're working in Kings Point if you want to run down there and get the info off of one of their trucks 

Annie's Mom --- 3 years ago -

The company that did Kings Point is PM. 832 252 4800. Contact listed is: 832 473 9924. Superintendent Rigo Hernandez. I assume it would be the same? 

Nightshade --- 3 years ago -

Severn Trent is responsible for all the water repair issues in Kingwood. Call them. Don't bother calling the city. 

movedagain --- 3 years ago -

We called, they said they would fix the sinkhole a few weeks ago.... nothing :(
The hole is larger and now full of water!
Seems to be a problem! 

TinktheSprite --- 3 years ago -

Go get 'em!!! 15+ years ago they dug up my yard to put in a well meter for my neighbor across the street. Even though my neighbor begged for them to do a nice job fixing up my lawn, in a year it turned into a shallow sink hole. I add topsoil to that area every year since! 

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