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I joined this crazy place on 2011-09-18, 7 years ago.

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At least 20 Killed in FL Night Club - 2 years ago

I've heard from multiple sources and then looked it up, it's actually 800 rounds per minute, Hippie. Seriously Soup? No one but you cares what his political affiliation is. We have more important ...

Homeschool transfer question - 2 years ago

I hear there's a homeschool in Bear Branch over on Sandy Forks. The only house in the subdivision with a [b]9 car garage.[/b] You can't miss it.

Celebrities Express Outrage Over Killing of Harambe the Gorilla - 2 years ago

[i]Why does man lock up these magnificent animals - for his own pleasure??? [/i] And therein lies the real problem. Or at the very least only house rescues of animals that can't be put back ...

Large black and white dog seen Bear Branch - 2 years ago

Large black and white dog seen Bear Branch - 2 years ago

Corner of Wildwood Ridge and Park Royal. It looked maybe like a border collie or mix. PM me your email address or cell number and I'll send you a picture. Or if you just think it's your dog get ov...

Which musician will go next? - 2 years ago

Well, this is encouraging.. it's 10:30 at night and none of my favorite musicians have died yet today. woohoo

How Michigan GOP cares for their young - 2 years ago

[i]Why is this a partisan issue?If it is, why is the GOP to blame? [/i] What. It's not a partisan issue. It's a morality issue. I couldn't care less what political party those responsible ...

Missing Cat found in Greentree - 2 years ago

I think it could also be the cat on the sign that's from Hunters Ridge. I'm about to go out and will get the number on the sign. I hope KCC comes back to look at this thread and posts their own cont...

Police Escorted Motorcade Through Kingwood - 2 years ago

[i]I heard American pickers were in Kingwood maybe them [/i] I saw that too but I can't imagine anyone with enough antique junk to pick through in Foster's Mill. : )

Grocery Store Etiquette (HEB) - 2 years ago

[i]Footnote; I made a reference to Yankees, let me clarify. In most cases where one of these infractions has occurred the culprit either had a heavy northeast accent or was wearing attire adoring so...

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