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Any Recomendation For good constraction guy

who's talking here?

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Sonia --- 8 years ago -

wanna build room in my garage & concrete work work. kitchen sink & toilet need remove.some taps need change plz if u have good Experince relaible handy man plz give me the # we need soon.thanks 

Not KU --- 8 years ago -

I make drawings for clients that want to re-model. It all starts with a plan. 

TinktheSprite --- 8 years ago -

Tony Many Home Improvements. 

HeavenMadeProducts --- 8 years ago -

Michael Pitre
Strictly Quality Remodeling

a4127985uu --- 8 years ago -

Try Dave at Forest Cove Repair

RedMulch --- 8 years ago -

if I knew what constraction was? 

fuzz81 --- 8 years ago -

Needs help with child birth? Dude, get your wife to a hospital. Stat. 

Matt Damon --- 8 years ago -

According to tink in another thread Tony Many is too busy for any new work thru October. 

Chase --- 8 years ago -

Kenny 713-927-4555 

Jepperd --- 8 years ago -

I read this as castration.... 

ItzaCrapShoot --- 8 years ago -

I about busted a nut because I thought Kenny was killed again on South Park because he was involved with Tony Many baby mommas having contractions in or around the cove down in the forest. 

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