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What happened to our White ducks-Elm Grove

who's talking here?

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BRo12 --- 6 years ago -

Elm Grove Village in bayou near the park. We had two beautiful white ducks that had taken residence in our bayou for the last two years. They became like family to many of us in the community. They would swim peacefully and spent the days together. One was found dead and dumped in a drainage ditch to rot and the next day, the other one went missing. Does anyone have any information or know where the other duck is? I hate to think this was a malicious and cruel act. 

LeighKingwood --- 6 years ago -

Oh no! We love those ducks! 

Not KU --- 6 years ago -

What happened to our White ducks-Elm Grove

Why you gotta bring race into it? 

TinktheSprite --- 6 years ago -

Awww! Poor ducks! 

maba77 --- 6 years ago -

Oh no! I have been so worried because I have not seen them. And the other day I only saw one. Is one really dead? This is so upsetting! We loved those ducks. I was hoping the other one was just where I could not see it. Keep us posted if someone knows anything.:((( 

GREEBO --- 6 years ago -

The same thing that happened to our ducks in Forest Cove, the asshats that drive 60 mph on our two lane roads killed them all 

funinthesun1 --- 6 years ago -

Oh no this breaks my heart. I was wondering too. They made my day to see them together everyone morning & evening on my way to/from work. I will miss them. Thank you for letting us know. 

stacy99 --- 6 years ago -

So sad, they will be missed by many. a picture I took of them earlier this year. 

FANCY PANTS --- 6 years ago -

Hope you find the other white duck. I hope someone did not kill the other one.

What happened to our White ducks-Elm Grove

Why you gotta bring race into it??

Using the word white to describe birds is not racist. 

a4947438uu --- 6 years ago -

The comment about race...

If your going to be a hero and try and start some crap about race you should at least identify the proper race of the White duck, which is the American Pekin Duck.
Stop starting crap! 

a4947438uu --- 6 years ago -

Correction for above... my computer inserted hero...I had typed...jerk. 

BRo12 --- 6 years ago -

I am sorry to say that the one duck is dead and was found in the drainage ditch near the fence by where they used to live. I retrieved it and buried it in the woods (Just across the street). The other one went missing a few days later. According to the Kingwood PD, there have been no reported cases of animal cruelty but he said there was a pack of coyote (could be dogs) that were on Northpark and Brookdale. When I got the duck out of the drainage hole, it appeared to only have it's belly area damaged and it was still intact with no broken/blood areas on its upper side. It was sad to see and I am sorry about the other duck and hope it was relocated or somehow escaped the same fate. I have not seen it anywhere for the last 3 days. They were a wonderful addition to our community and it is sad but appears to be an animal and not human that did it. 

funinthesun1 --- 6 years ago -

thank you for the information BRo12 and for burying the dead one. You are a kind person. I wonder if the drought brought animals in looking for food? I always worried about the ducks being killed by coyotes or dogs. I know it's nature and living in the wild they faced that risk. We will miss them too. 

TinktheSprite --- 6 years ago -

Thank you for burying the duck, BRo12. What kind of animal attacks the belly then leaves it? Don't other animals usually go for the jugular? If they want to eat them, don't they usually take them with them or eat them there on the spot? I smell a rotten human! Poor duck! 

d:-] --- 6 years ago -

I've seen those ducks down by the park. It was a delight to see them.

A dog could've killed them. They tend to kill for sport. 

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