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FM1960 and Old McDonald's Farm

who's talking here?

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AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 7 years ago -

the roads are closed both ways due to an accident- I'm on the phone with Esquala, and she says there's a fatality with a motor cycle- 

latemom --- 7 years ago -

Channel 2 is reporting a child died in a crash with a pickup truck and motorcycle. So very sad. 

esquala --- 7 years ago -

A 45 minute drive took me an hour and a half. The News is reporting eastbound lanes are completely blocked.

My husband saw a maniac motorcycle driver going through our neighborhood. Then he left and got on to 1960 and a few minutes later there was a crash. He was going westbound in the eastbound lanes. 

Leila --- 7 years ago -

HUMBLE, Texas -

Sky 2 is over the scene of a fatal accident involving a motorcycle and a pickup truck Monday.

Officials said the wreck happened on East FM 1960 and Moonshine Hill Loop in northeast Harris County.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office said a child was killed and another person is being taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital by LifeFlight.



Leila --- 7 years ago -

A four-year-old child and a motorcyclist were both injured in a major wreck in Humble this afternoon.

The accident happened on FM 1960 at Moonshine Hill shortly before 2pm. A Ford Expedition was struck on the passenger side by a motorcycle. Witnesses at the scene say the motorcyclist was traveling at a high rate of speed.

The little boy was in the rear seat in a child safety seat. Witnesses reportedly removed the boy's seat from the SUV, while he was still strapped in.

The boy was taken by ambulance to Northeast Hospital, and later taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital by Life Flight. The motorcyclist was also taken to Memorial Hermann by Life Flight.

The extents of their injuries are not yet known. The accident investigation is underway.

Witnesses report two other children were in the SUV, but they were not seriously injured. The children's mother was driving.

very sad video  

Puss In Boots --- 7 years ago -

That's very unusual to have two conflicting reports as to the death of the child.

What an awful tragedy for that poor family. 

Leila --- 7 years ago -

That's very unusual to have two conflicting reports as to the death of the child.

I pray the report of the child's death is the incorrect one. 

Leila --- 7 years ago -

Channel 2 has now updated their initial report to say:

The Harris County Sheriff's Office initially said the child was killed, but now say the child was critically injured.

Praying for the victims. 

GodIsGood!! --- 7 years ago -

Praying for a miracle for this little boy and for the motorcyclist as well. With God ALL things are possible! God bless. 

Judas --- 7 years ago -

Hoping for the best. 

ladybeachbum --- 7 years ago -

The four year old little boy did not make it. Praying for his family. 

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