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Where are Martha's Deals?

who's talking here?

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texann --- 8 years ago -

I hope I didn't miss a post about it. I've been looking forward to Martha's Attic's Deals. Has she been posting? 

Eliza2 --- 8 years ago -

She hasn't posted for several weeks. Martha are you okay? 

Not KU --- 8 years ago -


(RSA) is a new Mom & Pop resale shop. Offering professional shopping for those hard to find gift ideas.

Speaking of hard to find. Her store is hard to find and isn't even open yet. No phone yet either; But is already packed full of toys, cloths.
I can get you an appt. How bout that? If you cant find what you want, she can.

Get use to the name Roadside Attractions 

marthas attic (Mod) --- 8 years ago -

Hey guys, sorry I have been having some health issues the last few weeks and have not been able to post. It won't be like in years past but I will post deals. Might even start tonight. 

smartypants --- 8 years ago -

Hope you feel better soon! 

whatchamacallit --- 8 years ago -

Sorry you aren't feeling well! 

Leila --- 8 years ago -

Don't worry about the deals..just take care of yourself! 

freebyrdll --- 8 years ago -


*Annie* --- 8 years ago -

Wishing good health for you! 

texann --- 8 years ago -

Sorry to hear that you're having health issues. Will offer prayers for you. I have just always found your Deals so fun. You take care of yourself! 

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