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Christmas question any help appreciated :)

who's talking here?

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new2u --- 3 years ago -

It will be a family road trip with 4 teens O_o. I would like to spend Christmas in a cabin where it snows any suggestions? 

a889324uu --- 3 years ago -

Colorado. Wyoming. 

them --- 3 years ago -

Have you tried I haven't but seems to be the thing for finding travel accommodations. 

Gigix4 --- 3 years ago -

Areas in New Mexico may have some snow. 

sheddy --- 3 years ago -

Road trip with four teens, just shoot me now! Lol. We used to live in Oklahoma and a trip over to colorado or New Mexico wasn't too bad. I can't imagine driving from here. We have used VRBO many times and have always been happy. 

My 3 and Me --- 3 years ago -

Airbnb is awesome! I've used it before and have always been pleased. 

new2u --- 3 years ago -

Thank you all I am going to look into it. Any bit of information helps, I will take my headphones lol. 

RedMulch --- 3 years ago -

Did that in Georgia one year. Probably no snow and a longer drive, but oh, the scenery. 

new2u --- 3 years ago -

That's what has me a little hesitant where to go but we love road trips so I know we will make the best of it. 

TinktheSprite --- 3 years ago -

I think as long as you have charging ports for their electronics they will be fine. hahaha It's snowing in Amarillo right now btw. 

new2u --- 3 years ago -

Thanks for the reminder lol. 

Gotcats --- 3 years ago -

Go to North Carolina up by Ashville. Be sure to go to the Biltmore Estate. Stunning everyday but especially at Christmas. If you go, be sure to do the audio with each ticket. It's so much better with a lot more information. I have been to this estate 3 times and I still love it every time I go. 

Polly Ester --- 3 years ago -

Ruidoso, New Mexico 

Eliza2 --- 3 years ago -

Breckinridge, Co is good for teenagers. Also try Home Away 

DrillBabyDrill --- 3 years ago -

Gotcats....that is where my hubby is from and it is heaven-on-earth. Drove to a funeral in October a few years back and the colors were still brillant. Beautiful part of the Country. 

Susan --- 3 years ago -

Breckinridge, Colorado
A beautiful town, lots to do for all ages 

RoseSr --- 3 years ago -

We planned a road trip to Petit Jean State Park near Conway, Arkansas at Christmas one year. They had to cancel on us at the last minute as the road was icy leading up to the camping area. Otherwise, this is a great place to camp. 

NitANee --- 3 years ago -

Estes Park, CO
Elk roam the streets to create "traffic" and the Stanley Hotel is there. It's the hotel Stephen King used as his inspiration for The Shining. At the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.

My favorite place on earth.... 

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