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Hillary Clinton

who's talking here?

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steinhoister2016 --- 6 years ago -

She lied about some kind of email server...

There you go Jeff. 

Butterbean --- 6 years ago -

President Hillary Clinton.

It's gonna happen, regardless of what happens on KU.

Imagine that. 

DatBoyHooD --- 6 years ago -

BB has to remind himself of this daily.. Offers nothing of substance.. Maybe he's getting dementia 

Butterbean --- 6 years ago -

Maybe he's getting dementia?

You may be right, Hood.

I'm gonna be here in November to mark the occasion of Hillary's landslide win.

Then I'll give in to my cup of tea and a few cookies, and talk about what I can remember. 

Judas --- 6 years ago -

Offers nothing of substance

Talkin bout yerself again. And Soupy and the obliterated Joe King. And Lynch. And Karras/Jeff/others. 

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