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a282603uu --- 4 years ago -

We are moving to Kingwood back to humble isd. Are there any specific neighborhoods that we should avoid due to crime? Our budget will be around $190,000 to $200,000. We want to be in a family friendly area as we have young kids. Thanks! 

andreweggplant --- 4 years ago -

It's not like you are moving to the "hood". Do you like older houses or newer house? Trees and larger lots or no trees and very small lots? Pool? Houses in that range are in Greentree, Sand Creek, Bear Branch, Woodstream, Mills Branch, Hunters Ridge and maybe more. Nice 4 bedroom on Brookdale for $203,000. Maybe drive around and visit the various villages to see what appeals to you. 

a282603uu --- 4 years ago -

I have driven around a bit. I like greentree and mills branch a lot. Wondering about Lakewood cove and elm grove. The prices seem to be lower in those areas and curious as to why that is? 

swagger jones --- 4 years ago -

This is a good deal in Sand Creek. Very nice neighborhood and Deerwood Elementary.
5323 E Manor Glen Dr. You could put in a lower offer than asking price. Its on 

TinktheSprite --- 4 years ago -

Probably the age of the home and location Elm Grove is the oldest of the three villages you mentioned. I think some homes in Elm Grove are older than 30 years. Lakewood Cove is in Forest Cove, is it not? It is not in Kingwood proper and may not have all the boat ramps, parks pools accessible. 

swagger jones --- 4 years ago -

I think Lakewood cove floods 

DVaz --- 4 years ago -

Lakewood cove

If you want to avoid the "ghetto" stay away from Lakewood Cove! In your price range I personally like Kingwood Place & Hunter's Ridge. If you would prefer to live around small families and older people try the tiny neighborhoods along WLHPky. Here's some of the cross-streets:

Village Park in between Skeeter's and Christ the King Church.

Golden Trails off of Rustic Woods by the Park & Ride.

South & North Stratford off Kings Crossing Drive behind Randall's, ACE, & Chick-fil-A.

Just look them up on a map and check them out. 

a282603uu --- 4 years ago -

Thanks so much everyone! Very helpful! 

Rorschach --- 4 years ago -

THE Woodlands run out of houses? 

FunStuff --- 4 years ago -

Hi! I lived in Mills Branch for several years and can verify that Hidden Hollow, CMS and KHS are great schools. I have also heard great things about Greentree and Greentree Elementary. Either of those neighborhoods would be great. I'm sure there are streets with kids and some without. I would drive by the street at different times of the day to see if kids are out before buying, but I don't think you can go wrong in either of those neighborhoods. Good luck! 

Karras --- 4 years ago -

It's a little hit and miss with some of the older villages with regards to a lot of younger kids. You might find more younger families in the newer villages and on the other side of the bridge.

Good advice on driving through the villages on different times of the day. Best time is around 6pm to see if the village turns into car city, and on the weekends. 

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