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Federal crackdown on legal weed coming?

who's talking here?

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SoupNado 2
offlimits 3
AwesomeTattooedDragon 2
*LOL* 1
Joe Blow 1
sdanielmcev 2
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offlimits --- 57 days ago -

Here come the feds 

SoupNado --- 57 days ago -

Smoke it while ya got it. 

offlimits --- 57 days ago -

They'll just drive up prices... 

*LOL* --- 57 days ago -

Federal govt needs to stay out of it. States rights. 

SoupNado --- 57 days ago -

I agree. 

wayward1 --- 57 days ago -

Tax it like cigarettes and use the revenue to fund the border wall and federal health insurance credits. 

sdanielmcev --- 57 days ago -

Blame Heart for its' illegality. Another reason not to listen to the MSM. 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 57 days ago -

We can't even get casinos passed in Texas- Think of what we could do with the extra revenue! 

Joe Blow --- 57 days ago -

I agree.

Now that's something a lazy pothead would say.


Zapper009 --- 57 days ago -

We can't even get casinos passed in Texas

What about the new Indian Nation casino near Livingston, TX? 

offlimits --- 56 days ago -

What about the new Indian Nation casino near Livingston, TX??

Its a glorified bingo hall...not real gambling. 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 56 days ago -

I didn't know that! 

Zapper009 --- 53 days ago -

Now that comment qualifies as FAKE NEWS.

Are u a TRUMPER??? 

sdanielmcev --- 53 days ago -

Hearst, not heart.
Sessions is correct when he says legislatures need to make it legal or not.
The original concept against weed was to get rid of the overwhelming hemp production, not it's psychoactive abilities. It's high was used as a propaganda tool. By Hearst. 

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