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Chelsea's ...?

who's talking here?

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Gigix4 5
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Gigix4 --- 1 years ago -

What's the latest? Are they open again or have they closed down for good? 

RedMulch --- 1 years ago -

I have not heard, but I hope they would reopen. I loved that chicken salad. 

Gigix4 --- 1 years ago -

I loved that chicken salad.

Me too! 

*LOL* --- 1 years ago -

what???? This is their first Ive heard of this. I was there just last week. THey can't close!!! 

Gigix4 --- 1 years ago -

THey can't close!!!

I know ... where else can we get the chicken salad?

I'm hoping it was/is just temporary. 

*LOL* --- 1 years ago -

were they closed today? 

Gigix4 --- 1 years ago -

I don't know about today ... I meant to go by but ran out of time. They were closed some time last week - can't remember the day - with a sign that said something about an emergency in the family ... or something like that. 

*LOL* --- 1 years ago -

Oh okay. I think I read on the other site that was it was just closed because they changed their sat hours- closing on sat at 3 now. whew. You gals scared me. 

SleightOfHand --- 1 years ago -

They had better not be gone. That restaurant is one of 3 reasons to venture back into Kingwood. HEB and visiting my parents are the other two BTW 

Gigix4 --- 1 years ago -

Oh, thank goodness. I can live with changing the Saturday hours.
Panic button has now been re-set! 

Brewgirl --- 1 years ago -

When I was house hunting 30 years ago the realtor sent me to Chelsea's for lunch and a picnic at the duck pond. Sold me on the area instantly! And I do believe we had the chicken salad!! 

voice of reason --- 1 years ago -

last time i ate there i did not feel well at all. that chicken salad may taste good but it is so ground up you can't even discern how much chicken is in it. 

Dorothy Parker --- 1 years ago -

I love their chicken salad! 

esquala --- 1 years ago -

Made chicken salad last week. My dream is to someday get their recipe because mine's just ok. 

DVaz --- 1 years ago -

It's "Chelsea Deli" to be correct. 

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