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Which KW CVS Pharmacy do you like?

who's talking here?

TinktheSprite 9
Emperor of Kingwood 2
DVaz 4
Texvette 1
Prolix Raconteur 2

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TinktheSprite --- 1 years ago -

Town Center CVS Pharmacy or Kingwood Drive? I have heard there were issues at their pharmacy in the past. The time has come where I must fill my Rx locally at a CVS instead of Walgreens. Which do you prefer? 

Prolix Raconteur --- 1 years ago -

Neither, unless you like standing in line for 15 minutes or more to pick up your prescription. 

TinktheSprite --- 1 years ago -

Ughhh. I was afraid of this. I really have no choice other than go to Target. Mail order for the Rx would cost $75 more. I would rather stay local. Why is so bad?? 

Prolix Raconteur --- 1 years ago -

I don't know what it is about pharmacies and inefficiency, but all of them take forever to process customers picking up prescriptions. We do mail order in 90 day batches for the same price. Depends on insurance. 

TinktheSprite --- 1 years ago -

I have never had issues with Walgreens. But I am not allowed to used them for more than 3 months.

I love my mailorder Pillpack They dispense meds 2 weeks at a time without pill bottles instead, using disposable packets for as many times a day as you need. They are both reliable and convenient and MUCH, MUCH better than CVS Caremark Mailorder or Express Scripts.

I was happily using Pillpack for this one med and all other meds until my 3 months of use were up with one med. Now they require me to switch to CVS or Target. Locally they will give me a 75% discount with the specific Medication Savings Card on a 90 day supply. If I use CVS Mailorder or the same 90 day supply it will cost me $225 more as they don't accept Savings Cards with mail order. Odd but true. It's all such a game that we have to play or pay the bucks unnecessarily. 

DVaz --- 1 years ago -

Are you filling the prescriptions there because insurance won't cover it elsewhere? 

TinktheSprite --- 1 years ago -

Correct, DVaz. BCBS. I can fill wherever I like. But after 3 months, they consider them daily medication or chronic medication (or whatever their term is) and want me to fill at CVS, Target plus one other I don't recall, or pay full price or use their CVS Caremark Mail Order. But for this particular med, because I have a discount Savings card through the drug company, I must use a local CVS/Target pharmacy as they will not allow discounts through mail order. I can still get 90 day refills locally however. So my choice is pay $559/mo to stay with my current pharmacy. $300/90 days to go with CVS Mail Order or $75/90 days to fill locally. Unfortunately I am not rich and will choose the least expensive route. I guess I will have to choose a CVS and see what happens. 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 1 years ago -

Neither, unless you like standing in line for 15 minutes or more to pick up your prescription.

That's the truth. Add to it that their website is horribly designed. 

TinktheSprite --- 1 years ago -

Ughhh I am not looking forward to this! 

DVaz --- 1 years ago -

Tink, have you tried GoodRx (website or the App)? Saves me a lot of money. 

Texvette --- 1 years ago -

I use Kings Crossing. Love the pharmacists.
Hate the long wait to pick up prescriptions. For what they would have to pay cashiers, there should be two on duty all of the time. They are loaded with "pharmacy techs"; too cheap (or they don't care about customer service) to have cashiers on duty at the pharmacy 

TinktheSprite --- 1 years ago -

I use GoodRx and has saved me on our dog's med. But their price is $700up for a month supply. I will stick with then $75/90-days at my local CVS.

Thanks. King's Crossing it is. I like a good pharmacist even though my med is prepackaged and a no brainer for them. I will have to gather all my patience every 3 months and stand in line. Is there a time when it is less busy? Or does all of Kingwood use CVS? Maybe it's time to shoot off a letter to CVS Corporate about the long lines/wait? 

TinktheSprite --- 1 years ago -

Everything went 95% smooth with my Rx transfer to CVS. I chose the one up front on KW Dr. as even though I don't use KW Dr. much, it seemed the most convenient while driving towards home. They had some trouble applying my Savings Card but I stood my ground stating the card was good, and ask that they fix it. 30 mins later, they called back. I got my $25 Rx, not $569, thank you very much. There was no line to pick up. In fact, I was their only customer. All went well. The Pharmacist did a consult and was very nice and talk with me with respect. So far, so good. I worried for nothing. 

TinktheSprite --- 188 days ago -

After 6 months, things are not always smooth at CVS. Irritations that I feel I should not have to deal with. First, the crowds. It's hit or miss but there usually is a long line winding through the aisle with no obvious place to stand. Then it's pretty much a different place to line up each time. if you have a question at the register, they send you to another line who usually fixes the issue but then sends you back in the other long line. Unfulfilled promises like, "I'll pull you from the line when it's ready so you won't have to wait" are frequent.

When I get a new Rx filled I was told that I have to call ahead to have them re-apply my Pharmaceutical Savings Card. Then they can't figure out how to apply the card on their computer. Every. Time. It's ID10T/User Error as there is never anything wrong with my card. A lot of the techs are older. I don't think they always understand how to complete the process. I will be told bogus things like, "Your insurance has applied a coupon. (Not true, they don't do coupons). Or, "Call your insurance". For some reason the mistake is never on their end and they try to make me jump through hoops.

In the end, they always call me back after they get the pharmacist to apply the card. The card saves me more then $500 so I go through that ridiculous process every time, with every card. I have 5 cards between the 2 of us. Again, great savings but...

The Pharmacy knows they are constantly busy. They joke about it. They seem to have enough working in the back of the counter. IDK the answer to help their situation to make things go more smoothly because I am not versed in that area. I actually DREAD and put off having to pick up my Rx's!

I am sad I have to use CVS. Never ever had these headaches while using Walgreens. 

DVaz --- 188 days ago -

What medication is it? Overseas may be cheaper. PM me if you don't want publicly post it. There may also be cheaper alternatives. 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 187 days ago -

Since Harvey, the CVS at town center has been closed. All prescriptions were transferred to the CVS on Kingwood Dr.

It's been a Charlie Foxtrot every since. 

TinktheSprite --- 187 days ago -

Thanks, DVAz. I am happy with the price I pay through the pharmaceutical savings card. It's fair and is the same as most Perferred medications on the CVS Care Mark list. I find the fault lies with CVS employees consistently not knowing how to apply the card. And that I have to notify them to re-apply the card every 3 months despite the fact that the card doesn't expire until 2019. In this day and age it should be automatically reapplied. Their phone system is not adequate and hangs up on me often. Just getting a hold of them by phone is a hassle.

Perhaps things will get better once their other location reopens? But the process that I have to go to with each new refill from the doctor will not. Looks like I am just stuck. I'd better change my attitude and just expect ineptness. 

DVaz --- 187 days ago -

TinktheSprite, sorry to hear of your troubles with medication and CVS. I'm lucky so far that the only ones I need are dirt cheap. 

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