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Are some people universally attractive?

who's talking here?

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SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 1 years ago -

I don't think I believe that bc in cave man days we were clubbed and drug off to the cave bc we had big boobs and wide hips making us great child bearing vessels, STILL applies today.

Very interesting article on attraction, the brain and why and what we think is beautiful. I'm of the mind that Hollywood and commercial marketing has shaped what we think is attractive more than anything. Heavy women use to symbolize wealth and prosperity. We clearly don't see it that way any more.


fuzz81 --- 1 years ago -

Did miss understanding take over your account? 

Markster --- 1 years ago -


Emperor of Kingwood --- 1 years ago -

The number one thing that makes a man attractive to a woman is? 

Porter Wagoner (Mod) --- 1 years ago -

I've got a pretty impressive ring finger, if I do say so myself. 

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