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Missing 17 year old

who's talking here?

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Jrzygrl --- 127 days ago -

My dear friends daughter is missing. She was last seen in the Trailwood subdivision earlier today. Please please please keep an eye out. Her mother is worried sick!0 

whatchamacallit --- 126 days ago -


JustWatching --- 126 days ago -


Jrzygrl --- 126 days ago -

Still nothing:( 

Jrzygrl --- 126 days ago -

Missing File report has been filed with HPD. Had to wait 24 hours. We are working to get help from Equusearch as well. 

Saturn --- 126 days ago -

So sad,

I hope she is found safe and reunited with her family .... 

Jrzygrl --- 126 days ago -

Update everyone!!
Camryn has talked to her mother on the phone. She was very upset and broke down.
Mother Told her she loved her. She told her mother she loved her also.
Said she is not in Kingwood.Please please please keep this young girl in your prayers!!!! 

TinktheSprite --- 126 days ago -

OMG. Good news! Is she safe? 

Jrzygrl --- 126 days ago -

I believe she stated to her mother that she was safe. 

Jrzygrl --- 125 days ago -

Pleas help us bring this girl home safe. Please share this flyer!0 

Jrzygrl --- 124 days ago -

Sorry I'm a few minutes late, I'm trying to update all pages
Cameryn is on her way home and is safe. Thank you all!!!!!! Please continue to keep Cam & Noel in your prayers as they will need them in the upcoming days!! 

AMDG --- 124 days ago -

Great news 

JustWatching --- 124 days ago -


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