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LOL- Looks Like KU Libs Forgot About Obama's West Wing Week Webisodes

who's talking here?

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Karras --- 346 days ago -

Where was the outrage!!!! Was this state run media? Was this Pravdaesque?

Libs are a bunch of hypocrites.

"West Wing Week was created in 2010 during the 2nd year of the Presidency of Barack Obama. The weekly shows were first proposed by Arun Chaudhary,[4][5] who served as the Obama presidential campaign's New Media Road Director; to this end, he created an un-aired pilot of the proposed series for his seniors. The series is narrated by Josh Earnest, Josh Earnest said that Arun Chaudhary "is the creative force behind West Wing Week". Chaudhary was the first official White House videographer in history.[4] The West Wing Week Project was part of President Barack Obama's commitment to transparent government.[6] The two individuals who have held the position of official videographer both worked for the 2008 Obama presidential campaign; additionally the White House has declined to provide any information about the costs, salary or budget lines for the project.[7]

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AMDG --- 346 days ago -

For what it's worth not a big fan of this either - at best just a video news release, at worst just propaganda. 

whatchamacallit --- 346 days ago -

It's ok, that was Obama, he never did anything! 

JustWatching --- 346 days ago -

Really shows the double standard most liberals have. 

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