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WHY wasn't the "NATURE" of the POLICE ACTIVITY mentioned?

who's talking here?

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KGWDCindy --- 5 years ago -

This was from a friend....

Dear Deerwood Elementary Parents:

As a precaution, all students were brought inside this morning due to police activity in the neighborhood.

The situation was resolved prior to the start of school, however police vehicles remained in the area.

Because the situation was cleared and determined to be safe before school began, local police did not contact the school.

According to police, there was no danger to students.

The school was not placed on Lockout, Secure the Perimeter status. School was held as normal except students remained inside until 10:45 a.m.

The safety and security of our students is a top priority at Deerwood Elementary School.

We will continue to maintain communication with local law enforcement agencies, parents and students to ensure a safe learning environment for all.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Macaire McDonough-Davies

TinktheSprite --- 5 years ago -

Because the situation was in the neighborhood of the school, not at the school, not involving the school. Just a "heads up". I mean, if you were to go by the school and saw police in the area wouldn't you freak out about your kid in school and worry about their safety? They were trying to prevent massive freak out from happening cuz well, you know how some moms are?

Now, if the situation they were talking about was what I think it was, I am certain it was for the privacy of those concerned. 

Dorothy Parker --- 5 years ago -

Because the "nature" of the activity wasn't putting the school in harms way. Seeing a police car doesn't automatically make the situation everyone's business. 

Judas --- 5 years ago -

WHY wasn't the "NATURE" of the POLICE ACTIVITY mentioned?

Because it was none of your business! 

*LOL* --- 5 years ago -

Because there was no danger to anyone else so no different than any other police activity. 

KGWDCindy --- 5 years ago -

All the had to include was



THE Nature does not need to reveal
looking for "Dorothy Parker" or something
that specific. 

TinktheSprite --- 5 years ago -

Then I think you have an issue to bring up with your Principal. 

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