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Why Can't Suddenlink Fix It's Problems

who's talking here?

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texaslady --- 4 years ago -

I hate to "harp" on an old issue, but I am so very frustrated with not having dependable Suddenlink Service? What can be done? I've tried to be patient, but I am beginning to doubt the credibility of this company. They are a service provider we pay for, and they are providing VERY POOR service. The internet service at the back of Greentree Village is off consistently. It is intermittentent; it works for an hour or so and then is off for three or more hours. Who can complaints be made to, the FTC? Has anyone done that? 

witchywoman --- 4 years ago -

You're not alone. 

TinktheSprite --- 4 years ago -

Personally I think Suddenlink needs to revamp and upgrade their entire system. Harvey did a number to it. In fact many lost connectivity in order for them to make system repairs. The City was up in arms about that. Can you imagine what would happen if the only thing in town shut down for days on end for everyone? There are probablyl ways to do the changeover properly but I doubt Suddenlink would spend the money to do it. I mean they have practically a monopoly already here in Kingwood save for a few blocks of Comcast and slow CenturyLink. SL has an underfed, old system that they won't improve upon. Why would they? 

texaslady --- 4 years ago -

So, what can consumers constructively do to improve this situation? Surely there are some lawyers out there with more knowledge of this kind of situation.What are our consumer "rights"? I am serious, some type of "group action" might be an answer. Who knows about laws and regulations related to this situation? If the service cannot be improved, how can we encourage other companies to become available or negotiate with existing competitors to upgrade their available services? 

Miss Understanding --- 4 years ago -

some type of "group action

CLASS ACTION is needed! 

TinktheSprite --- 4 years ago -

For one, stop using SL's cheap equipment. Buy your own quality router and modem and you should see a marked difference. And save $20 mo. equipment rental fee. 

Jepperd --- 4 years ago -

There is no reason for them to fix the problem. What are you going to do? Go to another company? We cant. 

texaslady --- 4 years ago -

Where are the lawyers "out there"? Surely someone on Kingwood Underground is qualified to give a legal opinion on this subject. 

Annie's Mom --- 4 years ago -

While they are the only game in town they can do what they like. We switched internet to Centurylink many years ago after Suddenlink dropping every single day and have had very few problems since then. 

scjones630 --- 4 years ago -

My daughter lives in a section of Conroe where SL is the only option and coming Akins about similar internet problems. So SL's issues aren't limited to Kingwood. 

whatchamacallit --- 4 years ago -

Suddenlink definitely is poor service, at it's best. Internet here clicks off and on all day long, for no apparent reason. 

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