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Choice Home Warranty

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Gigix4 --- 352 days ago -

I'm not sure there any "good" home warranties. I think they all suck!
However, I do keep my policy with Home Warranty of America ... for those things I can't fix myself.

Good luck with finding a good one and weigh your options of calling your own repair people ... or paying a premium for a home warranty that is crappy!

Stay way, way away from American Home Shield. They suck the most! 

sheddy --- 352 days ago -

I've heard none are any good. They send out people who are horrible to deal with or what is wrong isn't covered. I think your better off just putting the money in the bank every year. 

urabunchcats --- 352 days ago -


CHEAPEST service providers are not what you want.

A TRUSTED service provider is what you want. 

TinktheSprite --- 352 days ago -

My neighbor is NOT happy with Choice and is happy to pay for the repairs on their own rather than get the run around from Choice again . btw we have had Anericam Home Shield for many years and never a problem getting things replaced or repaired. 

kingwood resident --- 351 days ago -

Thanks everyone for your comments. It gives me some direction. 

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