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Kings Point

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Bozworth --- 1 years ago -

Kings Point entry and common areas not mowed in over two weeks. Would like to why. Houston does not have a winter. Grass grows year round. Looking bad. 

TinktheSprite --- 1 years ago -

From what I have heard, CoH mows every 2 weeks. Yeah, I know that's not enough since I mow twice a WEEK. But if it rains on the day of your scheduled mowing, you get skipped until the next scheduled day which is why medians look really raggedy after a month of no attention. I think HOA should write the CoH a letter! 

DVaz --- 1 years ago -

Doesn't it have a sprinkler system too? 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 1 years ago -

Grass is barely growing now. It slows down to almost nothing. I waited over two weeks to mow this last time and there was not much growth at all. It will be another 3 weeks before I have to I bet. Happy happy happy! 

Miss Understanding --- 1 years ago -

I don't have to mow since I have ahubby to do that on demand. 

TinktheSprite --- 1 years ago -

I fertilized. I still mow as it is still growing. But it's down to about every 6 days. 

Bozworth --- 1 years ago -

I would understand maybe every two now. The common area near drainage ditch on High Valley has been three weeks. Check out the Kings Point entry at High Valley. Is that acceptable. The Kings Point Board happy with the way it looks? 

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