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Is this what we have devolved to?

who's talking here?

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Emperor of Kingwood --- 317 days ago -

In wake of Weinstein, men wonder if hugging women still OK

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Steve Wyard thought he knew what sexual harassment looked like: a put-out-or-lose-your-job overture. Now he's not so sure.

"Have we gotten to the point now where men can't say, 'That's a nice dress' or 'Did you do something with your hair?'" says the veteran sales associate for a Los Angeles company. "The potential problem is you can't even feel safe saying, 'Good morning' anymore."

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The sexual misconduct allegations that have brought down powerful men in Hollywood, media, politics and business are sending a shiver through the workplace. Men are wondering if it's still OK to hug a female colleague or ask about her weekend. And some are asking themselves if they ever, perhaps even inadvertently, crossed the line.

If Garrison Keillor, the gentle-natured former host of public radio's "A Prairie Home Companion," can be fired for accidentally (he said) placing his hand on a woman's bare back, could they get in trouble for something similar?

CEO Tom Turner of Bitsight Technologies, a cybersecurity company in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that held a training session for its 270 employees on sexual harassment last month, worries about the effect the national furor will have on the workplace.

Turner says his business takes pride in being a place where people enjoy being around each other. The company's website features photos of employees taking part in ski trips and parties.

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Dorothy Parker --- 317 days ago -

I think women have had enough of being treated like objects by powerful men and are speaking out against it in large numbers.

Not all men are predators, in fact, most aren't. Some men when they have power and position over others, take advantage of that power. Will there be a backlash? Perhaps, but it's long overdue to shine a light on what has been happening to women forever. 

Markster --- 317 days ago -

Rep Conyers announces his retirement today. He is still in the hosp. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 317 days ago -

Good riddance. He's buckling under pressure by colleagues to leave before he's forced out and leaves a black mark on his party. 

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