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Why is my cat pulling out his hair?

who's talking here?

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Markster --- 348 days ago -

He starts licking and pulls his hair out. Any ideas? 

gawdawful --- 348 days ago -


Markster --- 348 days ago -

Maybe, except both cats get flee meds. Dog too. The one cat pulls out his hair. 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 348 days ago -

Try Revolution- it worked for my friend on her cat, when nothing else did- 

TinktheSprite --- 348 days ago -

Check for fleas. Fleas have been known to become resistant to meds. 

witchywoman --- 348 days ago -

One of mine does that and I think it's related to fleas. 

Spinqueen222 --- 348 days ago -

I have heard that cats will pull their hair when they have ear mites. 

Spinqueen222 --- 348 days ago -


Spinqueen222 --- 348 days ago -

Could it be ear mites? 

TinktheSprite --- 347 days ago -

Food allergy? If your cat food contains wheat or other grain he could be allergic and cause dermatitis. 

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