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Dog attacks in Elm Grove (long, sorry)

who's talking here?

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answer42 --- 316 days ago -

Quick FYI before getting into this...I also posted on so, if you follow both boards, this is the same incident.

Members of my family have been the victims of two unprovoked attacks by the same dog in Elm Grove. Both attacks were while walking our small dog. In each case our dog was on a harness style leash on either a street or greenbelt trail. Both attacks were witnessed by neutral third parties that came to the aid of my family members. The most recent attack occurred yesterday afternoon and involved not only my wife, but also our 6-year-old. My 6-year-old had to witness his mother and dog be attacked by a neighbor?s dog. The first attack took place near the corner of Shady Maple & Rustling Elms by the Rustling Elms park. The second occurred on Forest Springs Dr. where the dog's owner resides. Each incident involved our dog being walked and the other dog running in for the attack. The first instance had the vicious animal crossing a street in a full running attack. We were able to pick our dog up in an attempt at protecting him while a neighbor rushed over to assist. No physical harm came from that encounter. Although the dog was not with its owner, we knew the animal and where the owner lives. When confronted, the owner denied involvement. With no physical harm, we chalked it up as a bad experience and went on with our lives. Well, that was until the same dog broke free from the owner yesterday afternoon. Yesterday while walking on Forest Springs Dr. the dog broke free from the owners control and, now for the second time, attacked my wife, 6-year-old child and our small dog. This attack was witnessed again and left bites/scratches on both my wife and dog. Our 6-year-old was able to hide on a neighbor?s property while that neighbor ran to assist. Even though the owner was present, the dog broke free from his control and the whole ordeal was witnessed by another neighbor, when I approached him about the attack, he denied his dogs involvement. I then called HPD. When the officer responded he obviously was highly put out by us bothering him. He was rude condescending and had zero interest in serving or protecting. With visual evidence, victims and witnesses, he decided that there was nothing to be done. He didn't care that this was the second offence of this animal on our family alone. The offending dog is a poodle or poodle mix and the owner is elderly. So, naturally, the officer decided that human and dog victims with visible marks and witness statements were less important or believable than an elderly person with a poodle. The officer kept saying he thought that the attacking dog was just trying to get our dog and my wife got in the way. So, the attack wasn't on my family member, just our dog. Therefore, he was not going to do anything about the incident. What, seriously!? The City of Houston website regarding dangerous, aggressive and nuisance dogs ( reads in part:
What is a public nuisance dog?
Public nuisance dog shall mean any dog that meets one of the following conditions:
(1) Substantially interferes with the right to enjoyment of life or property by persons other than the owner by acts including, but not limited to, frequent, long, or continued barking or howling, repeated defecation on property other than that of the owner, or damaging property other than that of the owner;
(2)Attacks domestic animals;
(3) Is documented by BARC, a police officer, a neighborhood protection official or a member of the public to be running at large three or more times in a 12-month period; or
(4) Is one of a number of dogs or other animals maintained on the property owned or controlled by its owner so as to be dangerous to the public health, safety or welfare.
An unprovoked attack on public land is legally and morally unacceptable! It shouldn't matter the breed, age of the dog owner or who the intended victim may be. An unprovoked attack on public land is illegal and should be treated as such. Whether the officer feels that the offence is worthy of him or not doesn't change the fact that there is a dog attacking people and pets as they try to walk in their own neighborhood. I don't care how cute a dog is or how old the owner is, I care that there is an animal attacking adults and children walking their dogs.

Please beware walking in Elm Grove near Rustling Elms park or the surrounding greenbelt trails and streets. As innocuous as they may appear, there is an elderly gentleman walking his poodle that he is unable to control. This dog has a track record of aggressive behavior and the police will not enforce dog attack laws. If you have been attacked or are attacked, please fully document, seek medical attention, file a report (as useless as the officer may seem we need to file complaints) and contact animal control. I have a 6-year-old that's afraid to go to the park because he has to walk past the residence of an irresponsible owner of a vicious dog. This dog is, by City of Houston definition, a nuisance dog. That is something that our community can do without.

As an update?animal control came out took another statement and said that they were going to quarantine the dog for 10 days. At the end of that time they will notify us as to the resolution of the case and, presumably, the final fate of the offending dog. It?s just a sad state of affairs all the way around. 

Prolix Raconteur --- 316 days ago -

Bear Spray. That dog won't come around again. 

kingwood resident --- 316 days ago -

This is not acceptable. You need to have the dog catchers come out and get that dog. People and children should be safe when walking outdoors. Owners who do not constrain their dog are very irresponsible and it may just take a lawsuit to get some results> The officer sho came out should have spoken to the owner and asked him to restrain his dog from getting out because he is a vicious dog and will attack other dogs and human beings. Can the HOA do anything in these type of situations? 

Tulips --- 316 days ago -

I had a large black poodle try to bite/attack me, and I sprayed it with mace..This was in the River Bend neighborhood. Apparently those poodles are vicious. 

TinktheSprite --- 316 days ago -

Wasp spray is cheaper, sprays farther and works just as good. 

thekwguru --- 316 days ago -

Why don't you kick the dog. It's just a poodle, they're not very intimidating. 

OLDBIKER --- 315 days ago -

Why don't you kick the dog. It's just a poodle, they're not very intimidating

my labra doodle is 67lbs and all black very intimidating looking with her long hair, and kicking her would be like kicking a small horse, a standard poodle is not a wussy dog they are hunting dogs and tuff, mine is very sweet but takes up for herself when needed, we were attacked by a large mutt that broke free and ran almost a whole black to attack my little dog. I had to swing him by the leash to keep him out of the 80lbsmonsters mouth, then he turned on my doodle witch was a match for him ,she was too much for him so I was next. don't underestimate a poodle. 

Tulips --- 315 days ago -

I agree ^ 

Brewgirl --- 315 days ago -

Thank you fro the warning. I haven't seen them but I'll be careful walking my dog. 

Zapper009 --- 315 days ago -

What's wrong with expressing yourself as CHL holder? Is not the very definition of self-defense? 

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