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Katie Couric as classy as me!!!!!

who's talking here?

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Miss Understanding --- 5 years ago -

Nobody saw that one coming.

It was Friday, just over a week since NBC famously fired Today show co-host Matt Lauer for allegations of sexual misconduct. Katie Couric, who worked alongside Lauer as co-host on Today for 15 years, posted a sweet throwback photo of her and her (now adult) daughter Carrie, asking her to "phone home."

But the whole tone of that Instagram post took a sudden turn when someone posted the following comment:

"Nothing to say on Matt?? Huh- y'all would have been all over the story years ago. I watched y'all for YEARS. My childhood. Just goes to show you really can't trust people. He interviewed people on their moral character and had none himself. #disgusting #doublelife #hypocrite #sickening I want time back I spent watching!!!!! and you have nothing to say. Crickets. People hear you loud and clear though."

Now, let's take a pause.

Put yourself in Couric's shoes for a moment. How would you react to someone you've never met, calling you out for what they felt was a failure on your part? How would you handle the implication that your silence equals tacit approval of such horrifying behavior? What emotions would you be feeling?

And, most important, how would you respond?

Couric responded with a single, simple comment:

"it's incredibly upsetting and I will say something when I'm ready to. Thanks for your interest."

In two short sentences, Couric exhibited class, self-respect, and extraordinary emotional intelligence. 

Prolix Raconteur --- 5 years ago -

Katie Couric lied and covered for Matt Lauer for years. He even harassed her (says he pinched her a## all the time), but she kept quiet to keep her job and not rock the boat. All kinds of evidence is coming out about the work environment he created for years, and now Katie Couric, Meredith Viera etc all feign shock, surprise and indignation since the cat's out of the bag. Just more hypocritical, lying celebrity sellouts. Nothing classy about her response. 

witchywoman --- 5 years ago -

Why are you shifting the discussion to her? You come across as another victim blamer.

It's been extremely difficult for women to come forward. Your attitude is one of the reasons why. 

Miss Understanding --- 5 years ago -


Miss Understanding --- 5 years ago -


jackass --- 5 years ago -

Katie Couric wasn?t there to be a moral crusader or to rock the boat she was there to make millions. I?m not defending Lauer or blaming her...but like it?s been said before, no one went to Harvey Weinstein?s house to become an actress, they went to become rich and famous. There is a difference. Katie was already a ?journalist? and you can be a journalist at many levels. 

Joe Blow --- 5 years ago -

no one went to Harvey Weinstein?s house to become an actress, they went to become rich and famous.

Read my name backwards Miss U. That's where jackass is at in case you can't read between the lines.


Prolix Raconteur --- 5 years ago -

"victim blamer"... sure thing, LOL. Katie Couric was right there in the mix and turned a blind eye. Easier to keep on, keeping on and keep that green coming in. 

Miss Understanding --- 5 years ago -

How many times do women got to tell you, that it is hard to come forward. Look how many come forward against Trump and what does he do? he makes sexual innuendo in a tweet to a senator again this morn. I HATE HIM HE IS A DEGRADING PIG 

Prolix Raconteur --- 5 years ago -

HAHA Senator Kristen Gillibrand is a sell out and had it coming. She was the staunchest defender of Bill Clinton and backed Hillary in her public skewering of his accusers. Now due to political expediency and nothing else, the lying hypocrite turned on the Clintons, saying Bill should have resigned (since they no longer offer her favor or advantage) and jumped on the #metoo narrative. She's worse than Trump. He says what he means without regard for the consequences. She hypocritically lies and twists in the wind to curry political favor. 

Joe Blow --- 5 years ago -


sheddy --- 5 years ago -

I never understood how women could back Hillary. She was married to a man who cheated on her repeatedly and forced himself on women. She knew it and then tried to destroy the women he abused. I always thought she was just as bad or maybe worse than Bill. She put up with him and helped discredit women for her benefit. 

jackass --- 5 years ago -

Same goes for trump and his wives. I can?t understand why women support serial misogynists. 

Joe Blow --- 5 years ago -

Deflecting back to Hillary. One right out of the Trumpty Dump playbook.
What you going to pull out next?

She is irrelevant at this point. 

Joe Blow --- 5 years ago -

Same goes for trump and his wives. I can?t understand why women support serial misogynists.?

Because women can be shallow. In summary: POWER AND MONEY 

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