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helicopters overhead Woodland Hills

who's talking here?

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dingdong --- 5 years ago -

For the last 15 minutes-anyone hear? 

Dobby --- 5 years ago -

There's a conversation on Police said they are looking for someone. 

TinktheSprite --- 5 years ago -

Someone beat up his mom and fled on foot this morning. 

Gigix4 --- 5 years ago -

Per Bear Branch Elementary;
Houston Police informed us that officers were serving a warrant to a residence in the area when the suspect ran. Lockout-Secure the Perimeter status means that all exterior doors are locked and classes continue as usual, all outside activities are cancelled and students are kept inside the building. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

Wow, kids are so bad today, lol. Or is it we just hear about everything now? Ugh 

Prolix Raconteur --- 5 years ago -

This is one of the same guys who got arrested for digging up that human skull and making a bong out of it about 10 years ago. Remember that craziness? Looks like he hasn't learned much in the last decade. 

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