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FREE Bunny w/cage and all acces.

who's talking here?

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2cute --- 2 years ago -

It's a hard decision but after moving into our new home from Harvey, we no longer have a yard for our bunny girl :( She is a lionhead/rex mix and has the red-orange fur. Text me @ 832-six nine zero - 7950 for pictures! He cage and all food, and accessories will be included. She loves to eat vegetables but is also on a regular bunny food diet. I loved watching her jump around the backyard and come up to me to eat carrots. When she warms up to you, she lets you pet her and loves her cheeks to be rubbed! Very kid friendly 

Miss Understanding --- 2 years ago -

I hope you find a good home for her. BUMP 

Myra801 --- 2 years ago -

Easter is over and now this happens
Maybe she didn't lie about the circumstances and it isn't a Easter reject; she just really has no room for it now. 

Prolix Raconteur --- 2 years ago -




noun: busybody; plural noun: busybodies; noun: busy-body; plural noun: busy-bodies

a meddling or prying person.

synonyms: meddler, interferer, mischief-maker, troublemaker 

Miss Understanding --- 2 years ago -

Speak fo ryourself Prolix. That is exactly what you are following me around this website. TY for pointing that out. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 2 years ago -

How about you stop trolling threads that have a specific purpose on this site aside from blogging? You sure don't put out a warm vibe to our community. :(

Please and thanx. 

TinktheSprite --- 2 years ago -

Our bunny was one of our favorite pets. 

Myra801 --- 2 years ago -

Our bunny was one of our favorite pets.

I have a question then. Okay, I knew this bunny once; it belonged to my cousin and said bunny just adored my cousin but was very snippy towards anyone else and didn't like when anyone got near my cousin.

I don't know anything about rabbits other than how they taste. So educate me...can rabbits be protective or territorial in a human setting? Did your bunny ever have attitude and in what situations?

I've always wondered about that bunny and if said cousin encouraged this antisocial behaviour or if rabbits have a bit of an edge. 

TinktheSprite --- 2 years ago -

I honestly don't know. I suppose any domesticated animal can become territorial. Most rabbits aren't spayed or neutered. (Do they call it that in rabbits??) It is anew thing to have the procedure done. And both males and females animals can become protective. I think it would be safe to say rabbits are fairly new to the domesticated indoor pet scene.

Our rabbit,Pepper didn't care about us. She had both cage time and outside cage time. But she kept to herself. She loved being with us, let us pet her,sat with us, never bit us nor was she mean, etc. in fact, she died in DH's arms. They all surely have their own personalities and breed traits. But I woudn't categorize a rabbit as fully domesticated as a dog, or even a bird. 

Myra801 --- 2 years ago -

Most rabbits aren't spayed or neutered.
Oh....I didn't know that.

But I wouldn't categorize a rabbit as fully domesticated as a dog, or even a bird.?
Ah...I get it; that was probably what we were witnessing. Not so much territorial behaviour as just not really as comfortable as a dog or cat would be in the same situation. We were comparing it to how a dog or cat would act. got it, thanks...i'm going to go look up pet bunny stories, I want to know more about their personalities. 

Saturn --- 2 years ago -

Years ago I had a Dwarf Bunny and it chewed all the exposed electrical cords in the house.

Never again ... 

TinktheSprite --- 2 years ago -

Rabbits' teeth never stop growing and need to be honed down on a daily basis or they could grow and grow and can even grow into their brain. Irresponsible bunnies have to get their teeth trimmed if they don't take care of themselves. Furniture legs, cords, cage bars, are not unusual chew toy favorites of bunnies. 

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