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LOUD 90s model white ford

who's talking here?

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Saturn 1
jackass 1
Butterbean 2
Magaman17 1
White90sFord 3

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Magaman17 --- 4 years ago -

Loud white and blue ford driving really early or really late , and fast, I think they are hispanic 

jackass --- 4 years ago -


White90sFord --- 4 years ago -

No respect, SMH. I'm just hustling to work. 

Butterbean --- 4 years ago -

Go ahead. Light 'um up, dude. 

White90sFord --- 4 years ago -


Much appreciated.

Also, I'm a proud Asian man. Not sure where the other assumptions are coming from. 

Butterbean --- 4 years ago -

Just a local bigot.

They're also prejudiced against white Ford pickups.

This is Texas. 

Saturn --- 4 years ago -

This is Texas, pickups are the norm ...

Let her rip! 

White90sFord --- 4 years ago -

Prejudiced against white fords? That's what every bubba in East Texas drives.

Saturn, much appreciated.

Yee Yee brother 

whatchamacallit --- 4 years ago -

And I thought school had already started back up? 

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