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Estimate for 3D Design / Printing Job

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TinktheSprite --- 202 days ago -

I need an estimate to design a small ruler with very specific markings etc., for 3 D printing. Who does that kind of work locally? How much per hour etc..? 

sdanielmcev --- 201 days ago -

What is it you're trying to make? A little more specifics and I may be able to help. 

TinktheSprite --- 200 days ago -

Its a simple 9" measuring device resemblinga standard ruler with notches, spike markers and a 1/8" hole. It probably can be done if you know STL. Do you have a 3D printer? How much do you charge for single color design and printing for say, 40 items? 

fuzz81 --- 200 days ago -

You don’t create STL directly, but rather design the part in some CAD software like AutoCAD, solidworks, sketchup, freecad, or openscad and export the part as an STL object which can be sliced by 3D printer software.

Sorry, I don’t offer this as a service but if you can find someone to create the STLs, you can have them printed and shipped to you by a number of online services. 

sdanielmcev --- 200 days ago -

Sorry, I must've misread. I thought you needed a measuring device to be a model for your project. You might try the library. They have a class in 3d printing. 

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