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This is where the Democrats are going!

who's talking here?

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OrdinaryGuy --- 98 days ago -

New York state just passed a bill that will spend $27,000,000 on illegal immigrants who want to go to college. They get free college even though they are here illegally.

The same state Congress would NOT give the same benefit to Gold Star children who have lost a parent who died in the service of our country.

The democrats now have completely lost it and are now way out in left field. Let's see if they stay in office after the next election. 

OrdinaryGuy --- 97 days ago -

No comment from the lefties. It's hard to defend stupidity. 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 97 days ago -

Without using insults and calling names, I'm just going to say that the dems have moved so far left, that I think their party has lost relevance. 

OrdinaryGuy --- 97 days ago -

That's so true. When illegal aliens have become more important than the children of veterans who have lost their lives in the service of the United States. 

OrdinaryGuy --- 97 days ago -

Another stupid meme. You never learn muckster. Your favorite, HRC, may be in trouble for obstruction of justice. None of the indictments had anything to do with Trump. In fact, Obama's white house lawyer was indicted. All your heroes might be in trouble. As always you only state half truths that favor your side. 

OrdinaryGuy --- 97 days ago -

BTW...muckster, your meme has nothing to do with the subject of this thread. Maybe you should read it again. 

Miss Understanding --- 95 days ago -

iSn't this negative against the democrats? This is allowed but we cant do the same or we get in trouble#!! Biasedness sux 

OrdinaryGuy --- 95 days ago -

iSn't this negative against the democrats? This is allowed but we cant do the same or we get in trouble#!!

There is a difference between this and what you do. I'm talking about facts which are hard to dispute. If I talk about my opinion I say it's my opinion. I don't give my opinion like it's fact. 

Prolix Raconteur --- 95 days ago -


You mean bias??

LOL damn!??!? 

OrdinaryGuy --- 94 days ago -


OrdinaryGuy --- 94 days ago -


DVaz --- 93 days ago -

It's only about votes. That's the only reason demoRats act like they care about illegals. Their followers are just so brain dead they can't figure it out. 

OrdinaryGuy --- 93 days ago -

That's so true! 

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