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I joined this crazy place on 2009-02-11, 14 years ago.

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"Need to weed the yard" violation letter from Deed Restriction Committee - 5 years ago

[i]On NextDoor..Someone told me they received a letter from HOA, bc their "cat wasn't on a leash." Lol. [/i] There is actually a leash law that says even cats have to be in a leash if they are outs...

Does a "HARVEY" Power Failure, NORMALLY cover a broken Fridge, anyone know? - 6 years ago

There is usually a spoiled food "loss" but I don't think the fridge itself is covered.

Recomandation for family law attorney for name change PLZ - 6 years ago

Um, the original post was 3 years ago. I'm pretty sure if they needed your help they would have already contacted you. BTW you should probably review the Texas Discipliary Rules on Professional Conduc...

Aaron Hernandez died an innocent man... - 6 years ago

It says nothing about the gun charges he was just convicted on. He may be "innocent" for murder but I'd like to know about the other stuff. Everything I've read only talks about the murder charge so ...

Which villages have a drinking fountain OUTSIDE the pool fence? - 6 years ago

I know Greentree's is outside and therefore accessible all the time. Are there any others?

Does anyone have Suddenlink for their phone and Dish Network for a v? - 6 years ago

If so, does the caller ID work with Dish? We are thinking of switching to suddenlink but like the caller ID that shows up when we are watching tv. We have hear that if you have suddenlink the called ...


Why does a business or individual have to pay to encore a contract? Some people exploit the system and know that they can get away with it because the person being harmed won't or can't spend the mon...


I don't know of a single HOA in KW that has a residency requirement and I've read the bylaws of several. They are all fundamentally the same with little variance among them. If you fill in a name ...

Anyone selling Panther cards this year? - 7 years ago

If so, I'd be interested in buying one.

need new roof - 7 years ago

I highly recommend Matt Cooper with Redemption Roofing 936-321-3733

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