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Aaron Hernandez died an innocent man...

who's talking here?

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jackass --- 364 days ago -

According to the State of Massachusetts.


AlphabetSoup --- 362 days ago -

It says nothing about the gun charges he was just convicted on. He may be "innocent" for murder but I'd like to know about the other stuff. Everything I've read only talks about the murder charge so I'm guessing the gun charge still stands. 

It is I WhyWhyWhy --- 361 days ago -

He was not innocent regardless of the appeals process. Bye Felicia 

sdanielmcev --- 361 days ago -

A voided conviction does not show innocence, nor is innocence proven by a not guilty decision. You are not of guilt for the crime in the eyes of the law, not necessarily in the eyes of man. 

Karras --- 360 days ago -

So new reports are that he was a bisexual and was going to be outed by the person he killed.

He also had a gay lover in prison.

Hernandez, what an idiot. He should have came out. He would have made bank, and been praised as a gay nfl superstar.

Heck if the press could make Michael Samms the next Gay Dick Butkus (that's funny right there), they would have made Hernandez into a frickin' Saint: A gay, talented, Hispanic football player on a SB champion team! Oh well. He shouldn't have been so homophobic about himself. 

Prolix Raconteur --- 360 days ago -

Gay Dick Butkus is the name of my Duran Duran tribute band. 

Porter Wagoner (Mod) --- 360 days ago -

Gay Dick Butkus is the name of my Duran Duran tribute band.

I would think it would be more fitting for a Bananarama tribute band. 

DVaz --- 360 days ago -

Well, the Patriots may have to pay his estate 6 to $15-million because of this. Maybe he committed suicide to leave his four year old daughter money.... 

sheddy --- 360 days ago -

Everyone thinks coming out is no big deal, let the world know, who cares. In some families and some cultures, it is a very big deal. I personally don't think it would have hurt his career, if he was that talented, but some people would do anything to keep it secret. I hope that wasn't the reason he murdered someone. 

esquala --- 360 days ago -

Gay Dick Butkus is the name of my Duran Duran tribute band

I have dibs on this as my next KU screen name. If anyone steals it they'll get kicked in the gay butkus.

By sifi.

Immediately right after being iced. 

Karras --- 360 days ago -

Gay Dick Butkus is the name of my Duran Duran tribute band.

More like Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Pet shop boys or Culture Club. 

Joe Blow --- 359 days ago -

Hernandez, what an idiot.

Karass, always so full of compassion.



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