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Let Logic Prevail

I joined this crazy place on 2010-04-26, 9 years ago.

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KU Dead - 112 days ago

Runoff for Houston Mayor - 112 days ago

Glad Sly triumphed.

Should Schiff Be Impeached? - 112 days ago

[i]Should Schiff Be Impeached?[/i] No but we should get a twofer w/ Pence.

Login Prevails on Impeachment - 112 days ago


The Time Has Come - 192 days ago

So basically you are admitting that you don't care what the man does, you just want to win. Gotcha.

The Time Has Come - 192 days ago

Let it be defeated. When there is clear evidence that the jerk is using foreign governments to win yet another election, whether he is actually impeached or not, will be the demise of the party. ...

The Time Has Come - 193 days ago

[url=][/url] “This is a cover-up,” said Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California, who after months of resisting the move made it clea...

ACE hardware - 193 days ago

That place is a good lesson in how to take a viable business and run it into the ground. Such a shame. I used to go in there every weekend. After five tries with them not having what I require, I a...

Ilhan Omar Grateful? You decide. - 243 days ago

The Republicans on this thread are the epitome of Trump's bigotry, racism, and white supremacist mindset. You prove every liberal's point. Thanks for making it easy.

Spiderman at Kingwood Dr and WLHP today - 244 days ago

Spiderman on a street corner holding up signs. Yes, this is going to uplift America's spirituality in prayer.

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