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Let Logic Prevail

I joined this crazy place on 2010-04-26, 7 years ago.

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New poll shows that fewer and fewer people believe Trump's lies - 9 days ago

I bet you defend O'Reilly too.

Slowest traffic light EVER - 10 days ago

They really need to address the repeated issue that occurs on Green Oak. Yesterday morning that light was letting only one or two cars go by and it would turn red again.

Racist Muslim Murders 3 in Fresno California - 10 days ago

Christians murder daily in the USA.

School Board voting - 10 days ago

You guys sound worried. The status quo is being over-turned and it's not just on Fox Non-News. I read the info in the local Tribune on the candidates and I don't believe I agree with you two eit...

New poll shows that fewer and fewer people believe Trump's lies - 10 days ago

The Chicago Tribune reports- The 100-day mark of the Trump presidency is approaching, and his aides are worried that the media narrative will depict his historically awful lack of accomplishments wit...

City of Houston - Water Bills - 26 days ago

[i]drainage fees are going to increase 3.4%. [/i] Incorrect. It is the water rates that have gone up 3.4%. They based this increase on the CPI which accounts for 1.6%. The other 1.8% is based ...

FBI Announced evidence shows 45 campaign coordinated with Russia - 37 days ago

[i]"Unnamed Sources" equals DNC hack created a fake news story that only CNN will run. CNN will run it for a week, prove to be wrong and won't offer a retraction.These fake news pieces are designed to...

And the name of the terrorist is....Khalid Masood - What a shock - 37 days ago

[i]What is happening in Europe will happen in the US if we don't properly vet people from the 6 countries President Trump identified. [/i] It already happens here and at a higher rate. Our vet...

Another Friday, another 3 million to Mar-a-lago. - 42 days ago

[i] [/i] Sad.

Rachel Maddow humiliated over tax return "scoop" - 42 days ago

It's clear Trump released that specific tax return on his own as a distraction and chose the best out of the bunch.

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