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Wait time for voting - 136 days ago


Wait time for voting - 136 days ago

Does anyone know how long you are standing in line to vote today in Montgomery county?

Rheumatologist that knows Sjogren's Syndrome - 2 years ago

Well that is the thing, you can have a negative blood test but still have it. There are other things they can do like a lip biopsy but it is a very difficult thing to diagnose. That's why I am looking...

Rheumatologist that knows Sjogren's Syndrome - 2 years ago

I am wondering if anyone knows of a Rheumatologist (preferably but not limited to),the Humble/Kingwood area, that knows or specializes in Sjogren's Syndrome & doesn't necessarily go only on blood test...

Laura FRench - Hair stylist in front of Kingwood TGS - 3 years ago

I just found out yesterday also! I actually posted on here needing suggestions for a new stylist. I was told also she's not going to do hair anymore. I'm devastated! She has done my hair for years. BT...

Hairdresser suggestions - 3 years ago

Here is my second question. I just found out that my hairdresser that has been doing my hair for years is not doing hair anymore. : ( Can someone recommend a hairdresser that is good at cutting & col...

Looking for a doctor - 3 years ago

I have two questions. First question is regarding a doctor. I need a doctor that treats thyroid conditions, but that treats the symptoms not lab results. Preferably a doctor close to Humble or Kingwoo...

Fire along 59? - 3 years ago

It supposedly was from an A/C unit.

Straight Outta Compton - 3 years ago

I saw it on Saturday. It was very good. Very tastefully done I think. Ice Cube's son did a good job & he looks so much like him & has his fathers mannerisms down too. Even has the lip thing going when...

Exercise Classes on Stationary Bikes - 5 years ago

Thanks for the info. I have had foot surgery 2 times on the same foot & neither surgery was really successful. I have foot pain & can't do any classes that are weight bearing or where you jump on your...

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