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I joined this crazy place on 2013-10-08, 4 years ago.

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Middle age and still full of energy.

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Mueller Attacks Republicans - 5 hours ago

[i]Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein is a Democrat??[/i] He's not one of the Republicans being charged.

12 Charged - Obama Was Wrong - 5 hours ago

LostWorld - Interesting and sinister-sounding comments. But, I think Pence would make a good president.

12 Charged - Obama Was Wrong - 6 hours ago

[i].I hope they keep it up and he will be reelected.[/i] It's interesting that the only thing Democrats have going is socialism and Trump obstructionism. It does not look like a winning strateg...

Mueller Attacks Republicans - 11 hours ago

[i]The fact that he picked all democrats to do the investigation show how stack against the President [/i] That has stuck out since the beginning.

Mueller Attacks Republicans - 12 hours ago

An obscure lobby law passed in 1938 to prevent Nazi?s from lobbying in the United States is being used against Republicans, while Democrats caught up in the same law are being ignored. During the l...

FDR Collusion With Russia - 1 days ago

Cool video, but people did not vote for Trump because of his impeccable English skills.

Democrats Move Far Left - 1 days ago

[i]It is strange but I'll bet most of the US does not want socialism.[/i] I hope you are correct.

Whoopi is a TOTAL waste of oxygen! - 1 days ago

But, there is hope. A cure is coming.

Whoopi is a TOTAL waste of oxygen! - 1 days ago

[i]'I don't think I'd want a disease like Derangement Syndrome named after me[/i] I understand. It is a horrible disease that seems to strike down people in their prime.

FDR Collusion With Russia - 1 days ago

I've got it figured out. Adam Schiff says that he heard there was a guy that knew someone else who says that Trump colluded with Putin to throw the American election to Trump. But, Schiff cannot...

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