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I joined this crazy place on 2013-10-08, 4 years ago.

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Middle age and still full of energy.

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CNN, MSNBC Russia Collusion - 19 hours ago

The KGB traditionally felt if they investigated anyone long enough they could find something on them. Mueller seems happy tripping up people in testimony. There are some serious issues that are b...

CNN, MSNBC Russia Collusion - 1 days ago

Remember when CNN and MSNBC both covered and praised demonstrators at an anti-Trump rally. Last week the Mueller investigation turned up evidence the rally (covered extensively by CNN and MSNBC) was ...

Billy Graham Dead at age 99 - 1 days ago

One of the greatest men of our generation.

So Trump wants a parade - 13 days ago

Why is everyone so angry about violins?

Comment from KAREN VAUGHN Mother of Aaron Vaughn Fallen Navy Seal - 14 days ago

She is right on the mark!!

Trumpty is basically bald - 14 days ago

Who cares!!

Can someone explain to me what exactly is wrong with "chain migration?" - 24 days ago

I know very few people opposed to legal immigration. They are upset over people swarming across our boarders illegally.

Amazing Trump News - 31 days ago

Also, more women are employed. I guess that is what happens when you get a businessman in the WH instead of a politician.

Krugman Wins Fake News Competition - 31 days ago

By the way, I'm a little surprised Mark would use a graphic about Trump and ISIS. One of the great accomplishments under Trump is the destruction of ISIS.

Krugman Wins Fake News Competition - 31 days ago

[i]very few people are concerned with trumps lame awards[/i] Not true!! The web site crashed from the number of people trying to get to the results.

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