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Deflate gate.... - 3 years ago

You can't tell me the coach didn't pay special attention to Tom Brady's balls before the game.

Where to get a micro-chip? - 4 years ago

you can get some chain from lowes or some hardware store and a key ring they'll try to chew through about 3 times and then stop then feel free to put what you want on their neck

Death Sentence - A Texas Tradition - 4 years ago

Or we could just hang everyone that does any crime that's a felony, that would save a lot of money too.

Old Chevy TOO LOUD - 4 years ago

It was a teenager at the gas station, he filled up and got back in turned it on and let it sit for a minute with it revving. Does anyone know who this is so I can contact the police and complain? And ...

Old Chevy TOO LOUD - 4 years ago

If anyone knows who drives that old copper chevy truck please inform them that their truck is too loud and scared my child when they decided to turn it on at the gas station on Northpark. My child sti...

White new bmw, Kingwood drive - 4 years ago

Nope I enjoy my ford focus, but my neighbor has one of those old 70's chevy trucks and I've seen some total their front end by just tapping his truck.

White new bmw, Kingwood drive - 4 years ago

Can't wait till they hit one of those classic trucks you see driving around and total their bmw while the truck will just have a few scratches.

Driving with no oil in the engine - 4 years ago

I know this is gonna sound stupid but every time I have car problems I go straight to O'Reilly's on WestLake Houston. They are normally helpful with that stuff and you don't have to pay them, other th...

Please Help - Looking for Odd Jobs to Support My Unborn Daughter, Girlfriend, and Myself Until I Can - 4 years ago

You're in Houston, only way you can't find a job is if you aren't looking

Disabled Parking-Starbucks on Northpark - 4 years ago

It might be because she drives a dodge, that's always a reason.

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