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KW Post office open - 283 days ago

Do they ever plan on delivering our old mail?

Grrrr ... dang sod webworms! - 328 days ago

What do you put on lawns that will kill the sod webworms yet is safe for pets? I worry about using granules. Do they dissolve when watered?

Who Likes Pimento Cheese? - 1 years ago

Pam's Pimento Cheese from Central Market. Has a bit of dill added to it. They used to have it at the old HEB. I don't think the pimento cheese at the new HEB is exactly the same.

sprinkler repair - 1 years ago

Curtis Mann repaired our sprinkler system today. Took him less than a hour. Nice guy too. Will definitely use him again if needed.

Loud music in Greentree - 1 years ago

I won't be reporting them. Doubt it would do any good anyway. I just don't understand why people think the entire neighborhood should have to listen to their music.

Loud music in Greentree - 1 years ago

Can anyone else hear the loud rap music in Greentree? We just had double pane windows put in a few months ago and we can still hear it. What make people think I want to hear their music? Grrrr....

Squirrels and Crisco - 1 years ago

I feel your pain. DH greased ours with pure silicone. It worked for about a day. Now they jump from the fence to the top hook and slide down to the bird feeder level and chow down. They manage to ...

Riverchase/Greentree Garage Sale - 1 years ago

3007 Hickory Falls - oak table & chairs, bicycles, floor nailer, elliptical trainer, microwave

need dog dentist - 1 years ago

He's the guy that took over Dr. Ross' practice. He's the one who starts at $800. according to Yelp reviews. I'll have to call and ask some questions.

need dog dentist - 1 years ago

Our long time doggie dentist retired and I'm searching for a new one. The vet that took over his practice starts at $800. and goes up depending on what extras are needed. The last time our dog had t...

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