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I joined this crazy place on 2013-07-13, 7 years ago.

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UPDATED W/ PETITION Faith-Based Presenter Tells High Schoolers: ‘Dateable Girls Know How to Shut Up! - 7 years ago

[i]I am very amused that gender specific rules for boys and girls is so taboo. Heaven forbid we notice that they are different! [/i] When you lose a spouse and have kids you learn very quickly that...

Marthas rock!!! - 7 years ago

Love you too Martha. Wish I would have noticed you sooner.

I have new Progressive Lenses - 7 years ago

[i] guess I'm not as funny as m mother told me I was... :-/ [/i] This was not your best show. I love humor that respects us enough to get it. You seem to have a gift and the right kind of intelli...

Kingwood area political organizations for women - 7 years ago

The Republican Organization for women meets at the country club. SMH They lost me right there. The last thing that party needs is a meeting location that reinforces a bad stereotype to the public. ...

Kingwood area political organizations for women - 7 years ago

A girlfriend and I are interested in becoming involved in a local political organization. We both lean right but don't agree with some of the conservative agenda. We also prefer an organization for wo...

A Texas Story -- Wendy Davis for Governor - 7 years ago

[i] Statistically, she should never be in a position to run for governor. [/i] Will this be her campaign slogan? I am kidding of course and I do not think she is an idiot. What are her campaig...

Juvenile Sex offenders - 7 years ago

If it's psychogical, then castration won't deter them. It's about power, not sex.

Alt ID's.....who cares - 7 years ago

You're right Winning. I know I need to lighten up.

Alt ID's.....who cares - 7 years ago

Well that sounds totally insecure now that I see it posted.

Alt ID's.....who cares - 7 years ago

I was thought to be someone's alt when I first started posting because of the way I was arguing on a heated topic. I was taking things too personally. So somebody thought I was Ashley. I came here for...

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