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Would you be upset? Should I keep ranting?

who's talking here?

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Melanie --- 9 years ago -

Dh & I have both been sick & go to the same dr. Dh went last week & saw Dr Grayson & got meds. He is no better so I go to the dr today & have them call my dh to get something that works. He calls in Amoxicillin & dh is allergic to it! We've been going to this dr for years! Not only that but CVS ALSO knows dh is allergic & fills the prescription! He gets home & is about to take it when I asked what they gave him. I've already called the pharmacist & yelled at her. How can 2 places who know about his allergies do this???? I can't decide if I call & yell at a machine or show up in person & probably get escorted off the premises. I mean really, how does this happen??? 

snowprincess --- 9 years ago -

File a complaint with the Texas medical board and whoever regulate the pharmacists.

Primary care doctors are simply pill pushers, so always double check everything. 

mom2dx --- 9 years ago -

You could file a complaint with the TX State Board of Pharmacy. 

FabFive --- 9 years ago -

Be mad at the Dr, CVS, and HIM. He is a grown man. All 3 were in the wrong. 

Dorothy Parker --- 9 years ago -

Why didn't your husband say something to the doctor when he was writing the Rx in the first place? If your husband has a severe allergy, it's his responsibility to make sure he isn't given the wrong meds.

The doctor and pharmacy should have caught it as well, but your husband most of all, imo. I'd probably be more angry at him than anyone else. 

RedMulch --- 9 years ago -

oh that's pretty bad all around.....I've been going to Dr. Grayson for 12 years and i am surprised that he would do that....but then again, DP is right.......I know what i'm allergic to........ 

AngieKaye --- 9 years ago -

you have all right to be pe'od. My dad once filled his thyroid meds as he didn't have a thyroid and had to have the regular pills and not the time release. Well back then it was Eckerd drugs they messed up! My dad had a massive heart attack not knowing they messed up. Ended up with open heart surgery. Well needless to say eckerds willingly paid for all my dads meds for the next 5 years which was about 2000 a month.

There are more people killed by drs then there are ppl killed by DWI drivers. I have also had dr's give me meds I can't have, almost died having a colonoscopy done because they gave me something in the valium family and my blood pressure dropped to 40/60 before he stopped ... never once called my husband and told them I almost died, took me 4 hours to wake up! ANd the nurse laughs... AHH your alive, you gave us quite a scare! Well yeah next time listen to your patients! 

Melanie --- 9 years ago -

Dr Grayson never gave the script to my husband, he said he'd call another one in after the first round of meds didn't work. AK, wow! Sorry to hear about you & your dads meds mess. 

Melanie --- 9 years ago -

Also both of us are allergic to penicillin & Dr Grayson has us red flagged. All anyone has to do is look at our charts. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

I really DO NOT see how this can happen. All of that info is in the computer system at the pharmacy as well as the doc's office and on your charts....It's totally bizarre that BOTH places missed it simultaneously...

I'd be seriously pitching a fit. Seriously. 

ghostpost --- 9 years ago -

I came home once from CVS with a new prescription. I was about to take it when I thought I should read the paperwork they also give you and as I read it described a serious seizure medication which had nothing to do with what was ailing me.

I called the pharmacist and they realized they had another customer with my first and last name..they had mixed us up.

The birth date on the r/x was mine, so they had really screwed up...and it would not have been a good thing if I had taken those meds.

They were fairly nonchalant when I brought the meds back up there to exchange for the correct ones.
Lesson learned..I never take even routine medications without double checking. 

zapper007 --- 9 years ago -

double checking

double check!!!

double check!!!

zapper007 --- 9 years ago -


AngieKaye --- 9 years ago -

Tis why I only use Kroger for my meds. The pharmacist knows me. And I totally trust her I haven't used cvs in 20 years 

zapper007 --- 9 years ago -

double check!!! 

kidsfan3 --- 9 years ago -

Lesson learned..I never take even routine medications without double checking.

Absolutely. Dd is on several medications and I check refills carefully. There have been a few times that the "look" of the pill has changed. I always call to make sure what is up. And I don't know about other pharmacies, but ours is always busy, busy, busy. I'm not making any excuses for what happened as Dd is allergic to several medications herself, but I'd rather double check myself before they are given to her than to rely solely on the pharmacy. 

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