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Dr Aborto --- 6 years ago -

Went to a foot doctor for my son (8) because his legs hurt sometimes and he runs kinda funny. Turns out he has flat feet. Not too bad, easily treatable. Doc recommended doing a mold of his feet and they'll custom build inserts for this shoes. They should last about 1-2 years and they should fix his problem by then.

Problem is that it's $400 for all of that. Insurance doesn't cover that part. Anybody have experience with another foot place that does custom inserts for less? What about the ones you can find online that aren't custom? Example. 

queenofclean --- 6 years ago -

The custom ones are the best, my entire family has them. Our podiatrist wrote a prescription for them and it was covered. It has helped a lot. You can try the dr scholls brands and they will help but the custom ones literally fix exactly where you need the extra support. Good luck. We use DR Miller behind Kingwood hospital. He is great! Hope you find something that works. 

queenofclean --- 6 years ago -

I will tell you the custom ones can be slid in and out of any shoe. Cleats, tennis shoes, dress shoes. The ones from Amazon are very thick and will not go in every shoe, will lift the heel higher than the backs of most shoes.....from experience. The dr scholls ones are thinner and easier to insert in shoes. Hope that helps 

Dr Aborto --- 6 years ago -

Thanks for sharing. I think what we're going to do is order an insert online for now, then pay for the custom one early 2015 with FSA. 

Laurabeth --- 6 years ago -

Hey Dr. A....along with the flat feet, odd gait, and leg pain....does he happen to also be hypermobile in any of his joints? Like are any of his joints more flexible than normal? 

Dr Aborto --- 6 years ago -

Like are any of his joints more flexible than normal??

I don't think so. Other than saying his foot/leg pain after running and his awkward running style, everything else is normal. 

queenofclean --- 6 years ago -

I wouldn't order the one off amazon, I would go get the thinner but equal support of the dr scholls one. I had horrible luck with the one off amazon. So thick I could not wear it comfortably in any shoe. Good luck 

Tylers Journey --- 6 years ago -

You can do foot workout for flat feet, I will find it for you. I had bed knee pain and once I got the right shoes and worked on building my acres my pain went away. 

Tylers Journey --- 6 years ago -

Did you get him fitted for running shoes from fleet feet or even Lukes locker? Both are in the woodlands and I recommend getting him fitted for shoes. I am an extreme over-pronator. 

smartypants --- 6 years ago -

That's a good idea. Those shoes are really expensive though. It's kind of a trade off between paying for the right shoes and getting the orthotic. And with a child who's foot is still growing, $400 is tough.

If you meet your insurance deductible, the cost goes down a lot. 

Tylers Journey --- 6 years ago -

A good pair of running shoes that are supportive will cost about 100. 

Valentine --- 6 years ago -

Hey Dr. A....along with the flat feet, odd gait, and leg pain....does he happen to also be hypermobile in any of his joints? Like are any of his joints more flexible than normal??

Why do you ask that? My son has flat feet and hyper mobile joints. 

SleightOfHand --- 6 years ago -

I have flat feet. 7 mile runs were not fun 

Used to be Atascamom --- 6 years ago -

I'm flat footed too. I haven't found anything that helps and tennis shoes are the worst because they have that "padding" where the arch goes. If u r flat footed, u stand on that all day and it hurtsssss where as if u have an arch, u don't even notice it. 

Identity Crisis --- 6 years ago -

My foot hurts on the outside near the toes. I am thinking I a getting flat footed because I am gaining weight. Does that happen? 

Tylers Journey --- 6 years ago -

You can build your arches back up to a normal arch. You can see a physical therapist for it or look up exercises to build them back up. 

FabFive --- 6 years ago -

Identity that sounds like stress fractures + arthritis, and can be from a lot of things and weight gain is one of them. 

Identity Crisis --- 6 years ago -

Wow...thanks FabFive. I guess I need to make a appointment with a podiatrist soon. 

FabFive --- 6 years ago -

I got stress fractures when we moved into a house with mostly tile floors about 10 years ago. I never wear shoes in the house and I have flat feet so it stressed them. I am now dealing with arthritis there plus had a bad horse wreck about 18 months ago. They're going to fix the ankle from the wreck in a week but there's nothing they can do about the arthritis. Sucks. The worst part is I'm not very old but my body begs to differ. Too many years riding horses. 

Laurabeth --- 6 years ago -

Valentine.....I asked because of the symptoms of leg pain and an off gait......I was going to encourage Dr. A to
Research about EDS as a possible cause. Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. 

Just Aitch --- 6 years ago -

My daughter and I just picked up our new custom orthotics. Taken a few days to get used to, but seem to be helping. Luckily they were cover 100% by insurance. 

My 3 and Me --- 6 years ago -

Covered 100% by my insurance too 

Valentine --- 6 years ago -

Thanks laurabeth, I was curious BC my young son has hypermoblile joints, flat feet and and osteopenia. I've always thought they were related, but we have yet to get an answer. I don't think he has EDS though, based on the list of symptoms. 

Not KU --- 6 years ago -

Used to be Atascamom --- 2 days ago - quote - hide comments

I'm flat footed too.

Me too! I can clap them together like hands. But I have great muscular legs. As noted by a Dr. No. I don't work out. Basic training in the Army was tough. But I'm tougher. 

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