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Is there any company that hangs Christmas lights for less than $500?

who's talking here?

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I Love Reading --- 4 years ago -

Sent you a PM 

Used to be Atascamom --- 4 years ago -

I seriously can't imagine anyone spending that. Wow!! 

Dorothy Parker --- 4 years ago -

What happened to using a ladder and doing it yourself?

Between having lawn service, pool service, maid people want lights hung by a service?


CB --- 4 years ago -

I have a bad hip and can't do it myself
I was just curious No need to attack 

mutton --- 4 years ago -

Some are not physically able to do themselves... 

Puss In Boots --- 4 years ago -

It's not a bad thing to have it done professionally! Most of the most beautiful houses during the holidays have a company come out.

That being said, we don't like to spend money on it and have always done our own. But I am sure envious of that super polished look of those professionally decorated ones.

Good luck finding someone.

Is it really that expensive? 

Work in Progress --- 4 years ago -

From what I'm reading on Facebook, most companies start at $1000. Seems like a very lucrative business to be in. I should learn how! 

mutton --- 4 years ago -

Wow! Guess is why me house has never had the lights and guess never will! 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 4 years ago -

Holy Cow!! I was thinking about have a minimum amount done, but my thought was around $100.00 or less!! 

Work in Progress --- 4 years ago -

yeah, I was shocked at the prices too. I guess there is enough demand. And everybody wants it done the same few weeks. 

mutton --- 4 years ago -

I used to tell son that the neighbors were sharing their lights with us since we could not 

FabFive --- 4 years ago -

It's probably so expensive because of liability insurance. Plus there's a limited time frame to work in. 

mutton --- 4 years ago -

they also come back and take down... 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 4 years ago -

Well, I'd do it myself first. That's just ridiculous.

I've spent two weeks getting stuff ready, checking lights and putting them up. It's quite the task if you put up a lot..,,cords, lights, and doing it so the house doesn't go dark the minute someone turns on a blow dryer. LOL

But 1k?? Not unless you've got a huge house and are looking for something very extensive and professional. Most people take a couple hours and their done. 

ladybeachbum --- 4 years ago -

It is a dangerous job. I know my dh fell off the roof at least twice! That was younger years and he is no longer allowed to get up there! I miss it though but to do lights like he did back then would cost a bundle. I think we will stick to doing the porch and bushes this year. 

them --- 4 years ago -

Blisslights are an option.


I pay someone because our second story roofline is over 25 feet off the ground in some part. But $500 does seems a bit "steep". 

MiaBella Farm --- 4 years ago -

My son will help anyone for $10/hour
if it is a 2 person job he can bring a friend. Both boys charge $10/hour per $20/hour for a 2 man job. 

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