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Losing weight...

who's talking here?

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CartmanUK34 --- 5 years ago -

Okay so I know some people won't be the least bit sympathetic but I hope some will.

I am a fat man, I am 460lb at last weigh in and I need to do something about it for a lot of reasons, my lasting health, my ability to get around, my fertility.

The biggest change I can make is to start getting exercise because, it is the one aspect that right now I don't do at all, I was doing Weight Watchers with some success before I moved from the UK but I haven't been able to replicate it here.

Now I need something low impact because of the pressure on my joints and if I have to do it outside I need something that keeps me moving so I don't die of heatstroke (I'm European I can't deal with tropical).

So... my options are an eliptical or a bike... that is essentially it, I can't afford a decent gym (and I don't want to be around when it is busy getting judged, I know people do it!!)

Now an eliptical or a bike for an almost 500lb guy isn't easy to come by... it takes specialist equipment... so here it comes, if you can find it in your heart to help and if you can respect that I am trying to make a change then please if you can, donate at this link...

If you can't or you want to look down on me or attack me then please just keep it to yourself, I am trying to make a change for the better. 

Max01 --- 5 years ago -

If you have joint problems why not try swimming instead?

There is a great documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on YouTube. It's about people losing tons of weight just b juicing for 6 months, and minimal exercise (in the beginning just walking around).

Good luck. 

Leila --- 5 years ago -

Good luck! Take it one day at a time and don't let a setback discourage you.

I know the thought of exercise seems very daunting right now but like Max said, low impact water aerobics is very good for you and easy on the joints. The Y has a program and I am betting you would find people less judgmental than a gym.

I think you would be an inspiration to anyone struggling themselves! 

CartmanUK34 --- 5 years ago -

I love to swim, but I am not going to put myself in a public pool, even if they would let me wear a shirt I would be way too on show, hence the options I am looking at.

And I could not live on juice, I feel bad enough when I don't eat and nothing but juice would make me feel so sick. 

Gigix4 --- 5 years ago -

As Leila said, take it one day at a time and don't expect miracles all at once. Start slow and use "portion control" for eating and eat HEALTHY!

I'm betting the Y would be a great place for you for water aerobics and will let you go at your own pace and not be judgmental.

Walking is really good exercise but start slow ... around the block for a couple of weeks, then twice around the block for a couple of weeks and so on.

Good luck - do it for youself! 

Eclipse --- 5 years ago -

If you haven't already, I'd consult with a doctor about the best way to go about this.

Kudos to you and I wish you the best of luck!

Check in from time to time and let us know your progress.

I'm pulling for you! 

CartmanUK34 --- 5 years ago -

Who can afford a doctor? I won't do any kind of surgery even if i could afford it so they won't be of much use. 

CartmanUK34 --- 5 years ago -

I can't walk outside in Houston, it is just too damn hot for the amount of exercise i get. And as I said I will not go topless or wet t-shirt in public under any circumstances. My portions are as controlled as they can get, exercise is my only solution. Seriously. 

Gigix4 --- 5 years ago -

"No pain ... no gain." Ya' gotta' sweat a little.

I get out and walk at sunrise or earlier - it still may be warm but not hot. It's mind over matter. Exercise!

My portions are as controlled as they can get,
Are they healthy portions? 

CartmanUK34 --- 5 years ago -

Sweating isn't the problem, I can't handle the Houston heat, period, if I try and be out there enough to get any exercise worth speaking of it WILL make me ill. I suffer enough just walking to and from the car.

The reason weight watchers worked for me was because I was able to feel satisfied and stay within my points each day and lose weight at a healthy rate. If I have to reduce my portions to the point I stop feeling satisfied I will never stick to it, that is the number one reason diets fail.

There is a reason I need a bike or elliptical, I have considered all of my options and those are the ones that will make a difference, I know all the advice people like to give and I am taking it on board to the extent I can.

What works for one won't necessarily work for another.

And walking was already out because if I have to do enough to lose weight the impact will simply be too much for my joints.

Obviously as I lose things will improve but right now it's bike or elliptical. 

Butterbean --- 5 years ago -

Sorry Cartman. I smell a rat here.

So far, you've listed reasons that you cannot do certain things.

It's possible for the largest of persons to exercise with nothing more than a can of beans. Mechanical equipment is nice, but not required.

I'm hearing "Oh poor pitiful me." What you put in your mouth becomes part of your body.

Losing weight is one of the least expensive, effective ways of improving health.

Good luck with your new lifestyle. 

Eclipse --- 5 years ago -

Cartman, I haven't figured out what it is that you're asking of KU.

If it's emotional / encouragement support ... you got it.

If it's a financial donation for an exercise bike ... maybe someone will help you.

Outside of that, what can we do for you? 

CartmanUK34 --- 5 years ago -

I have also listed what I can do, and what I know will work for me, weightwatchers worked in the UK because the UK has a better food culture, I have no way to replicate that here so I have to switch from concentrating on my diet to concentrating on exercise.

And when it comes to exercise I need aerobic exercise, the kind that raises my heart rate, I have reasons not excuses for choosing the type of aerobic exercise I have. 

CartmanUK34 --- 5 years ago -

It is both really, I wanted to post on facebook but my wife doesn't want me putting it out there with her family as they never do anything to help and it makes us look vulnerable, I really can't ask my family as they have helped more than anyone could ever expect so I need to rely on the kindness of strangers, and this was the first place that occurred to me... people don't go on those donation sites and just donate, they get sent there, and I don't know where to turn.

Why do I feel like someone asking about weight loss surgery would have more luck, and probably not get picked on for how they are going about it, I am willing to do the exercise but it needs to be the right kind of exercise.

I wish we could all move to england but I have step-kids so it isn't an option, If I could I wouldn't be on here begging. 

Eclipse --- 5 years ago -

Wait a minute ...

77 days ago, when you joined KU, you posted that you and your wife wanted to go to Pollo Tropical for dinner, but you didn't feel like making the drive.

Something is beginning to "smack" in your story. 

freebyrdll --- 5 years ago -

The norm in life is that you can't always have what you want in life. You have gotten some very good, sincere suggestions here, especially that recommendation the you seek medical help. A Dr can assist you with sound nutritional support, not just surgery. Reread this thread with an open mind 

Butterbean --- 5 years ago -

Food = food, regardless of geography.

You have every way to duplicate that here. You have excuses for not incorporating a healthy food plan in your life.

Aerobic exercise is attainable without equipment. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

I think some counseling is in order for anyone who has emotional issues with food and has gotten as heavy as you have. Losing weight for physical health issues is certainly in order. But, the core problem is emotional and needs to be dealt with.

I wouldn't worry about traditional diets. They ALL fail and people regain the weight plus some. Learn about healthy food as a life style, not a "diet." Eat natural food. Cut out processed foods and fast foods. Cut back on salt and sugar. Cook at home. Get out and walk. It's not hard but you need comittment to consistency.

You can do it! 

CartmanUK34 --- 5 years ago -

Wow, firstly my mind isn't closed I have merely had plenty of time to go over the information presented here before it was presented here.

Eclipse - If you reread the thread it was about it opening and we didn't want to make the drive without finding out if it was open or not because it would have been a wasted journey. There is nothing there to "smack" of anything, and if it is a reference to the food it is grilled chicken!!

I don't require nutritional support though, there is no nutritional support a doctor can offer which will be helpful.

Butterbean - food most decidedly is not the same everywhere, and if you truly hold that opinion you really need to travel more. What you fail to realize is that british and US supermarkets are very different, in the UK I can walk into a store and purchase a fresh (not frozen), healthy, packaged meal which I can grab in a matter of moments, get home and prepare in no more time and have it actually be edible and taste of something AND be satisfying and OH and they are also cheaper than fast food, and I was losing weight that way.

Here the only equivalent is something like freshfit foods which is already cooked to hell BEFORE you get it home, tastes like crap and costs as much as eating out (at a restaurant).

Before you start about cooking from scratch it a) works out costing too much most of the time and b) when we don't get back to our side of town until 7:30 most evenings and we still have school kids to feed and get to bed speed is important, the nights we cook decent meals the kids don't get to bed until 11 so no, it isn't a case of food = food.

I can and have lost weight, I can't lose it the only way I had success before so I need to go the exercise route, there is no suitable exercise (please be aware low impact is a requirement here as arthritis runs in my family and is already affecting me) without equipment. 

Butterbean --- 5 years ago -

IMO you're lying to yourself.

I've traveled about 2/3 of the northern hemisphere and some of the southern. That includes the UK, Scotland, Wales, and a lot of points between Cornwall and Skye

Food = food. Has not changed in the last 300 thousand years or so.

I guarantee, if the only supply of food was 3 blocks away and was only served between 4 and 6 pm, you would be there, and you would lose weight. Without mechanical help.

Go to the little Walmart on Northpark, walk inside the store past the bread and pastries. Hold out your right arm. Eat all you want of anything on that wall. Anytime you want.

If you have to drive, park at the furthest parking spot. Walk to the store and from the store. They're open 24 hours. It's not always hot in Houston.

I have very good British friends who literally detest the heat. They manage.

The sooner you get honest with yourself, the sooner you can have a healthy lifestyle. 

mutton --- 5 years ago -

Have to agree with butters there in most ways. 

freebyrdll --- 5 years ago -

No help wanted here, just money 

mutton --- 5 years ago -

Oh, I missed that part FB. I have money, no part with, lol. 

Perfection --- 5 years ago -

Try contacting the companies directly for assistance.

They would require medical documentation, pictures and routine medical followup. 

Perfection --- 5 years ago -

Interesting that the bike pictured in your beg ad is not even appropriate for the weight.

No one would donate to a liar or someone too lazy to even steal the right photo.

Oh and Sprokets in Porter has used heavy duty bikes that are capable up to 600 pounds. 

freebyrdll --- 5 years ago -

This picture taken from your Facebook page (yes, your GFM page shows your name IRL) speaks volumes:


Take your brand new Jeep Cherokee and Great Dane puppy, stop trying to take advantage of the good people of KU and elsewhere, and start taking responsibility for yourself and YOUR choices! 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 5 years ago -

If the UK is healthier for you, and you dont like American grocery stores and food choices, sounds like you should move back to the UK. 

Leila --- 5 years ago -

Why does it also say you want a car on that donation site?
I would never donate to someone I didn't know that hadn't been vetted.

Nothing personal, it is just that the scammers have made that a no-go.
But I also view a bike as a want and not a need.
There are alternatives, even if you reject them.

You have a come back for every suggestion. Were you thin in England?

I think you may be lying to yourself if you don't
think your emotional health and attitude are major
contributors to your condition. 

esquala --- 5 years ago -

What do you guys want? His chosen name is Cartman.


CartmanUK34 --- 5 years ago -

Wow, judging people is a way of life for you people isn't it.

Yes we get a care package of treats from the UK once, maybe twice each year, we NEVER get through everything, and what we do get through is shared between four people, that one came through months ago and most of it got thrown out because it expired before we touched it.

Yes the campaign was for help with a car, which we needed for even more pressing reasons a couple of months ago, I had no idea at the time that I could get credit on a car here yet as I had had problems with even low limit, high interest credit cards until that point.

As mentioned I work in the woodlands every day and our previous car which my in-laws financed is falling apart... literally, it is so dangerous right now and if we didn't do something about it BEFORE it failed my income could disappear overnight. And even had I known I could get finance sooner it was a hard decision... my in-laws either have to turn the car over to the bank or keep up the payments themselves now and I was trying not to put them in that position. You don't know how high my interest is and what I have to pay each month on that car just to have reliable transport to work, and we got that because we couldn't afford a car payment AND the repairs we needed! In addition I borrowed $500 from my parents for the downpayment which I had to return on my next paycheck which means we are now behind.

We got our puppy for relatively little money and what we did use was both my wife and my birthday money from my family. We got it because we got forced to move here from Atascocita last summer and while people go on about how great Kingwood is we weren't prepared for maniacs aiming guns at kids outside our house and elderly couples getting stabbed in there home, so we wanted a big scary dog for protection.

My nickname was given to me (as most are) by friends of mine at university in England back when South Park was brand new and I embraced it rather than be hurt.

And no I wasn't thin in England but I wasn't as heavy as I am now and I was much fitter, my wife is the first to say I am not as fast as I used to be, she is slim and in England she couldn't keep up with me, here our roles have been reversed. I used to walk miles and think nothing of it, now if I try my foot, knee, calf and ankle pain is ridiculous.

I still needed to lose weight there, and had started to but that method didn't work here.

Finally yes the UK is better for me, and my wife and I would both rather be there, but I have step-kids so if I leave I do it without my wife, does that sound okay to you?

Stalking someones facebook page gives you a snapshot of someones life but not the real picture, which should matter more.

Jumping to conclusions is not the right way to be.

Oh and yes you are right... of course... in every case a bike is just a want... if you also agree that someone of my size doesn't need to lose weight... just wants.

I will say again... I know what will help me... those are my only choices right now, I have considered it all and I know those are my best options.

Just don't be so judgmental, if not for my sake for the sake of this country, its these kneejerk attitudes that aid in dragging it down. 

a889324uu --- 5 years ago -

All I'm getting from you is a bunch of excuses.
You are morbidly obese and need a doctor.
You can overcome this, but you can't do it alone. 

ants r marching --- 5 years ago -

Welcome to America. The land of the judgmental. 

ants r marching --- 5 years ago -

But at your weight you need a doctor. That's the bottom line. Now click the X at the top right and go put in a work out video. 

sheddy --- 5 years ago -

You don't need a machine for exercise, you can do quite a bit just sitting in a chair. Eat what you want, eat smaller portions. Nothing fancy is required if you truly have the desire. 

Dorothy Parker --- 5 years ago -

People are judgmental everywhere. This isn't a unique aspect of

Swimming is the best exercise for low impact, easy on the joints activity. You are allowing your pride to get the best of will never succeed if you have that kind of attitude. Call the YMCA and explain your situation. They may be able to help you with the best times to come and they type of class you'd need. I bet you would find a lot more encouragement than scorn. However, you won't know until your try. 

CartmanUK34 --- 5 years ago -

I am not going to get my heart rate up (which is what needs to happen) sitting in a chair. I don't need anything fancy, I mean damn bikes have been around for how long now? I just happen to be in the unfortunate position of needing a really strong one. And as mentioned an elliptical would be just as helpful, probably more, but I have yet to find one with a high enough weight limit so I am focusing on the bike.

And no I don't need a doctor, that is just money that could go towards something that would actually help.

I really don't understand when I am here knowing what will work and asking for help that people keep telling me a need a doctor, there is NOTHING a doctor can do, I don't need words I need to be able to start taking action.

For a country where you have to pay for every doctors visit you sure rely on them a lot. 

Butterbean --- 5 years ago -

I will say again... I know what will help me... those are my only choices right now, I have considered it all and I know those are my best options.

You don't have a clue.

Your best efforts got you to where you are.

Look carefully at the information on this site. Go to Youtube and search for fat peoples exercise.

There are a lot of options. None will work without effort on your part. 

CartmanUK34 --- 5 years ago -

Dorothy, firstly believe me when I say that Americans turn it into an art form.

Secondly it isn't pride, it is embarrassment, it is shame, I am trying to lose weight to not have to feel that anymore, among other reasons, but I am not there yet so swimming will not be an option for me.

Besides I have a really tight schedule most days it really needs something I can do at/from home.

I will succeed using the methods I know are best for me. 

freebyrdll --- 5 years ago -

I can personally vouch for Dorothy's advice having entered the Y's doors 18 mo ago as a 60 yr old obese woman...., embarrassed and scared..... the Y is exceedingly supportive 

Dorothy Parker --- 5 years ago -

No one has a schedule that tight. Prioritizing your time is another issue people struggle with. If you really want to lose weight, shame and embarrassment will go to the wayside. You will do whatever is necessary and not put limitations on yourself. You are making excuses and until you stop doing that, you will remain 460 lbs. 

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