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Clinton Defense Fund

who's talking here?

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Participation Badge --- 5 years ago -

By - The Washington Times - Thursday, August 24, 2000
President Clinton's legal fund has raised $8 million to pay the bills for his defense in the Whitewater, 'Travelgate,' 'Filegate,' campaign-finance, and Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky scandals, trustees reported yesterday.

But the fund still needs to raise another $3.9 million to pay all the first family's current legal expenses associated with the scandals that have dogged the Clinton administration, they said.

'There should be an opportunity for the public to enable any first family to leave office without this tremendous burden,' the fund's executive director, Anthony F. Essaye, said of private efforts to pay more than $11 million in legal expenses incurred so far by the president and first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton since the Whitewater probe began in January 1994.

Mr. Essaye said the next five months before Mr. Clinton leaves office 'will be a ripe time to continue our fund-raising efforts' and give Democratic loyalists an opportunity to give him 'a concrete expression of thanks' for his two terms as president.

She's going to need more funds. Get your KU checkbooks out... 

Butterbean --- 5 years ago -

2 more days. You're gonna love it. 

urabunchcats --- 5 years ago -

Fuzz - how much are you going to donate?



Dorothy Parker --- 5 years ago -

We're allowed to post memes with the C word?


DatBoyHooD --- 5 years ago -

We have democrats repeating trump grabem line


a889324uu --- 5 years ago -

We have democrats repeating trump grabem line

So repeating Trump's EXACT phrase is the same as referring to a woman as the "C" word?

Your cognitive dissonance is off the charts. 

Holling Vincoeur --- 5 years ago -

Of course it is...he's a trump supporter. 

DatBoyHooD --- 5 years ago -

Calling me a trump supporter is the same as calling dp or jams one

I see the point I made went right over jams little head.. kinda see why she's on the 30 year program 

Holling Vincoeur --- 5 years ago -

No its not... 

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