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I'm tired of these socialist teachers.

who's talking here?

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redbloodedrepublican --- 2 years ago -

all of these teachers at Kingwood high school are ruining our youth mind. teachers like - insert teacher here- are convincing are convincing our children that everybody is equal. Has she even read the Bible? Does she know scripture front to back? What about Psalm and she read Psalms? my student informed me that Miss Joan McClung tooted and class one time. is that how Democrats think teaching taught? why do we teach our students evolution one superior subject is obviously creationism! while I'm at it, I heard that Nixon is racist! Nixon! Ham racist you must be out your mind! Anyways I've had a bottle of wine, Times two, and my butt hole is flagellating because of all the Democrat propaganda! Down with Obama up with Trunp cock.

Amen, Jesus bless. Poop 

urabunchcats --- 2 years ago -

Wasted again or still? 

redbloodedrepublican --- 2 years ago -

hey buddy i didn't ask you you democrat. 

Dorothy Parker --- 2 years ago -

I agree that McClung sucks, but that woman is faaaaaaaar from a

Sorry you have her this year. 

fuzz81 --- 2 years ago -

are convincing are convincing our children that everybody is equal

Because they are equal. You think you're superior? LOL 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 2 years ago -

fuzz, really? That's not a real person! lol! 

Brewgirl --- 2 years ago -

Sorry, but too funny! 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 2 years ago -

Troll, troll........ troll yer boat. 

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