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Slowest traffic light EVER

who's talking here?

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kasey --- 1 years ago -

The new light at kingwood dr and King's crossing needs to be adjusted.
Any idea who I call to complain?
Today I was leaving the Heb center and taking a left onto kingwood drive from kings crossing .
I sat there for over 7 minutes. That's nuts.
And yes, I realize I could've just taken a right but but by that point I wanted to see just how long the light would take ! 

dkeller --- 1 years ago -

lol.... yeah....that can't be right. 311 maybe can help. if you just want to shoot them an email. 

Karras --- 1 years ago -

What's nuts is waiting for 7 minutes. If the light doesn't change within in 2 minutes, I'm running the light. 

dkeller --- 1 years ago -

What's nuts is waiting for 7 minutes. If the light doesn't change within in 2 minutes, I'm running the light.?
yeah well....he got curious..... 

tinnman --- 1 years ago -

Time to pick at an old scab.

The slowest traffic light in Kingwood is the one at Eastbound Northpark at WLHP. Normally, the light cycles just fine.

All of that goes out of the window at about 5:30 every afternoon. Invariably, someone will get in the right hand lane and wait for the light to turn green so that they can go to Kroger. Never mind that the vast, vast majority of the drivers in the right lane are in the right lane to turn right onto WLHP and go home.

Having to sit there and wait for someone to go straight, just so they can turn into Kroger, drives me nuts. Especially so because they could have been in Kroger and already shopping if they had just turned right and then used the cross over across from the Sonic to get into the Kroger parking lot.

I brought this subject up a few years ago on here and some of the folks (mostly Kingwood Mommies) who copped to being the problem said that they don't use the crossover because they are uncomfortable crossing in front of on coming traffic on WLHP in order to get into Kroger. My response was if crossing on coming traffic makes you that nervous, then you probably shouldn't be driving, especially at 5:30 in the afternoon.

What really cracks me up is that those same Mommies aren't even giving that crossover a second thought when using it to get into the Sonic for their kids happy hour drink treat. Evel Knievel would be jealous of that daredevil driving.

Mainly though, I think the problem is that these folks have a stunning lack of self awareness.

Thus endeth my 

TinktheSprite --- 1 years ago -

I believe NorthPark and WLHouston PKWY intersection is one of 4 intersections slated to be corrected by adding a dedicated right hand turn lane this year. 

Let Logic Prevail --- 1 years ago -

They really need to address the repeated issue that occurs on Green Oak. Yesterday morning that light was letting only one or two cars go by and it would turn red again. 

kasey --- 1 years ago -

Let logic -
You mean going straight on kingwood drive or taking a left onto green oak from kingwood dr ?

DVaz --- 1 years ago -

Try coming back from the hospital or College Eastbound on KWD @ 59 after midnight. I've waited 20 minutes before I ran it. Maybe 10 or so cars total going Westbound from the opposite direction during this time. Same with Northpark @ 59. It's ridiculous. Wait, wait, wait no cars for 5+ minutes! If you are at Northpark at least you can turn right then U-turn @ KWD under 59. 

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