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Trained therapy tigers for sale. $16000 OBO

who's talking here?

Gigix4 1
*LOL* 1
SagaciousSighFiGurl 1
TinktheSprite 2
mutton 5
fuzz81 1
urabunchcats 1
Ashes 10

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fuzz81 --- 342 days ago -

Do you have anxiety, depression, or other debilitating issues? These therapy tigers will instantly transform your problems into sheer terror. Order now, supplies won't last. 

mutton --- 342 days ago -

Ok, that is just funny! Lol 

Gigix4 --- 342 days ago -

LOL Post of the day fuzz! 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 342 days ago -

We need one for our resident crazy peeps. 

*LOL* --- 342 days ago -

Do they do parties? 

Ashes --- 341 days ago -

Ok this made me laugh :) 

Ashes --- 341 days ago -

I want a therapy dolphin. 

Ashes --- 341 days ago -

I can do pool parties with it :D 

Ashes --- 341 days ago -

Haha they actually have therapy dolphins 

TinktheSprite --- 341 days ago -

Ashes, you make a mockery of the true use of Therapy Animals and their patients. Therapy Animals use their potential in amazing ways for people with many health difficulties. Their purpose is not to make money by giving parties. GAH! 

Ashes --- 341 days ago -

Yeah ok. Keep judging someone you dont know. My husband has PTSD and we both see nothing wrong with doing pony parties with the mini horse too. It's not your horse, or your life, so don't worry about it. 

Ashes --- 341 days ago -

We can also take him to the hospital to visit sick children. That must be awful in your eyes too. 

Ashes --- 341 days ago -

Have a nice day :) I know I will bc I don't go around worrying about your personal life or belongings. 

urabunchcats --- 341 days ago -

Ashes - just ignore the ___hole. 

TinktheSprite --- 341 days ago -

I am happy your horse helps your husband's PTSD. That's what trained Therapy Animals do. And MORE. But I stand by my opinion that the true purpose of TRAINED Registered Therapy and Service Animals are not for enterprising, money making schemes, parties, and gigs. I would no more think about using a seeing eye dog as entertainment or a seizure a dog to perform. They work for a living already and should be respected for the good job they do. btw you know nothing about my life, either that gives me the right to have such opinion. 

mutton --- 341 days ago -

Agree tink! 

mutton --- 341 days ago -

You state you can take him to visit sick children in the hospital, not that you do. So why even say that? Has no point. 

Ashes --- 341 days ago -

Ummmm bc we want to and might in the future. Something we have thought about doing. 

Ashes --- 341 days ago -

I'm done commenting. This has gone way to far over a mini horse lol. Seriously. 

mutton --- 341 days ago -

Sometimes the less said is best...agree! 

Ashes --- 341 days ago -

I will quit boasting too. I've always had an issue with that. We all have our flaws. 

mutton --- 341 days ago -

Yes we all do! 

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