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HPD in Kingwood

who's talking here?

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thedarkknight300 --- 341 days ago -

I am fairly new to the Kingwood area (Greentree Village) and am very pro police/law enforcement (just a disclaimer). However I work an alternate shift, and find that every time I am on my way home usually around 3:00 a.m. I see all of the police officers in kingwood at the gas station at Northpark/Woodland hills all the time. Our neighborhood along with several others especially at the back of Kingwood have been hit hard recently with vehicle burglaries. Does anyone have any suggestions? Would calling the kingwood station help? Or contacting our City council member? Any added police presence in our neighborhood would greatly help I believe. Thanks 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 341 days ago -

ALL of them?? How could they fit in one gas station parking lot? Lol ;)

Maybe they are on break at that time? Also, I'm sure if they are, it's bc it's SLOW at that time. 

TinktheSprite --- 341 days ago -

Maybe drive in and speak with the officers directly. But remember, at every job,workers deserve a break and to eat. Since you see them at an eating spot (Speedy Stop is a very popular Breakfast Burrito place)at the same time of day, perhaps you are seeing a meet up for breakfast. And just maybe you might not be seeing "all of the police officers in Kingwood". Kingwood has about 100K citizens. It is a lot bigger than you think! 

DVaz --- 341 days ago -

They stay at gas stations because they are centralized locations making access to anywhere quick. Free coffee and food doesn't hurt though. 

witchywoman --- 341 days ago -

Of course they deserve a break but they shouldn't be taking them together at one time. And I agree they should be driving around the neighborhoods even if it's a slow crime night. that's what we're paying for not for them to sit in gas stations 

Tryingto --- 341 days ago -

You should check with your neighborhood association. Some pay for additional patrols, or add patrols when they see an increase in crime. They may have added crime watch or something to your neighborhood.

HPD works for all of Kingwood, so for more coverage you had to pay. At least, that is how it used to work. I don't really know how they determine which areas they focus nightly patrols.

Check in with the safety committee in your village--HPD also meets in neighborhood meetings. They can tell you when. 

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