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New meeting to discuss flooding issues and Class Action options against San Jacinto River Authority

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Lunabelle --- 254 days ago -

A new meeting will be held at the Kingwood Church of Christ, 2901 Woodland Hills Dr., Kingwood, TX 77339, this Saturday, September 16 at 10:30am to discuss Class Action options against San Jacinto River Authority.

State Representative Dan Huberty will also be on hand to offer updated information related to the Lake Conroe Dam, Lake Houston and other flooding issues.

Local Atascocita (Walden) resident and attorney Martin Pack along with attorney Alex Acosta with the Acosta Law Firm will be present to answer questions and discuss the issues surrounding the release of water from Lake Conroe.

Please inform those who were affected by the flooding about this meeting so they may have an opportunity to be heard.


witchywoman --- 253 days ago -

Who do those two attorneys represent and what is their skin in the game?

The Potts Law Firm is handling a class action suit. I just read earlier tonight how an attorney is bowing out. The more levels of attorneys that infiltrate this lawsuit, ie: take their cut of the pie, the less money, should they prevail, that will end up in the hands of the homeowners that deserve it. 

Lunabelle --- 253 days ago -

At this time it is important to have as many people voice their concerns and be heard by the city. One letter wont make a difference, 5000 residents they will hear us. Its an additional meeting for anyone who missed the other meetings and additional city/state representatives will be there.

You don't have to join us, but we all need to be heard. And as far as attorney fees, please research before you post, your statement is incorrect.

I don't know about you, but when I see my friends lose their memories and belongings, trash and debris piling up on out streets, kids being transferred 18 miles to other schools, 90 year olds waking up to 4 feet of water with no way out of their home, my questions is who is going to make sure this doesn't happen again?

We need to be heard. 

Joe Blow --- 253 days ago -

You need to sue God Almighty for throwing trillions of tons of water on us. A fact is a fact. Direct your lawsuit appropriately. 

TwickleToes --- 251 days ago -

I did not flood. But the whole time we were in drought I kept saying they needed to clean the river - trench it out. Remove about 10' all along the river from I45 to Lake Houston. I am going to try and be there. 

Zapper009 --- 251 days ago -

What about forcing the CoH to accurately identify all flood zones in the Houston area? 

sdanielmcev --- 251 days ago -

You need to sue God Almighty for throwing trillions of tons of water on us. A fact is a fact. Direct your lawsuit appropriately.

You're gonna sue God? Good luck with that. 

the Markster --- 251 days ago -

the CoH to accurately identify all flood zones in the Houston area?

That seems like it would be near impossible. Basically we live in a swamp. It shifts with construction and or any other variable.
Ive said before.
Had Humble got the rain Katy did. Our side of town could likely be as bad off as Katy is now.
At best it is up to the Home owner to be aware of their slab elevation. Or the elevation of where ever one considers living.
Rivers flood
Bayous flood
Reservoirs fill. Its just common sense. 

TinktheSprite --- 251 days ago -

man-made flood by SJRA 

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