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While honoring Native American WWII Vets...

who's talking here?

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Dorothy Parker --- 327 days ago -

Trump calls Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas."

Does this man have any couth or sense of decorum? No matter how much you dislike someone, you keep your mouth shut in certain situations. This kind of behavior would not be tolerated by any former president, public official, celebrity or your own kid!

Why does Trump get a pass? 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 327 days ago -

Why does Elizabeth Warren get a pass for falsifying her family history to get government set asides for American Indians as well take advantage of affirmative action programs set aside for American Indians? 

jackass --- 327 days ago -

Is Elizabeth Warren going around still saying it? 

whatchamacallit --- 326 days ago -

She should be ashamed. Not lying about it anymore after getting caught is no better than confessing to a crime after you've been arrested. Actually, she is still getting a pass. Why isn't she in jail for fraud? She is still living off the proceeds of her big fat lie. She should publicly apologize and give all the money that she gained back as she got it under false pretenses. I'm sure the lie increased her income for many, many years ob top of the initial payout and preference she has received under false pretenses. I'm sure that Native Americans hate Elizabeth Warren. She robbed them, I doubt they care what Trump calls the lying snake.

As for Trump, he is not gonna let anyone forget what she did. After all, what if the snake rears it's ugly head again, in 2020? People deserve to know the truth about her. 

Prolix Raconteur --- 326 days ago -

Trump's lack of decorum in this instance hardly constitutes racism as much as total tone deafness. Whatever you want to call it, it pales in comparison to Liz Warren using "cultural appropriation" (new fave liberal cause du jour)for more than a decade to further her career and gather a salary based on said deception to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Joe Blow --- 326 days ago -

WTF are you even talking about Whatcha? 

Joe Blow --- 326 days ago -

Trump's lack of decorum in this instance hardly constitutes racism

Yeah, uh-huh. Ask the natives.

Prolicker responds to his dog whistler. 

Joe Blow --- 326 days ago -

Speaking of lack of decorum, how about him lying now about the Access Hollywood tape that he previously acknowledged as true and apologized for?!


He did previously apologize, didn't he? The only time. Ever.



Dorothy Parker --- 326 days ago -

There's a time and place for everything. Elizabeth Warren wasn't there, wasn't involved in the ceremony and instead of just honoring the veterans, he takes a dig at a Senator he doesn't like? How is that appropriate?

That's the point. He doesn't behave professionally when the occasion demands it. He doesn't give a shizz about anyone but himself and his grudges. 

Prolix Raconteur --- 326 days ago -

Once again, joe totally misses the point. 

Tulips --- 326 days ago -

0 the real Pocahontas 

Tulips --- 326 days ago -


Tulips --- 326 days ago -


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