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Why You Should Not Charge your phone in the car

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SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 318 days ago -

Interesting read. I have bought like 5 car chargers for my phone in the last year, and they last about 60 days each. It seems ridiculous. On top of that, it never charges my phone up fast enough to meet the need of an immediate charge. Now I know why...
what you dont know about charging your phone in the car 

jackass --- 318 days ago -

Get a power inverter... 

TinktheSprite --- 316 days ago -

I carry a battery power pack. Mopie is good for one (fast) charge. Limewire is good for 6 charges equally fast. Anywhere. 

esquala --- 316 days ago -

I just changed out my car charger. It was about 4 yrs old. My new charger fully charges up my phone, quickly.

P.S. I have an android. I don't use Apple products on principle. No Apple, no problem! 

OrdinaryGuy --- 316 days ago -

So true about Apple. I've always had an android and NEVER had a problem with a car charger. It fully charges my phone in the same time a regular charger would. Maybe you should change to a better phone. LOL 

Joe Blow --- 315 days ago -

I use a more advanced Droid. Not one issue I got.


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