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a cop that wasnt hpd walked up to me. espcially after i posted something on here the same day

who's talking here?

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God Troller --- 141 days ago -

i was laying down at the park and then when it got dark I started walking to the store. Thats when a cop walked up to me and told me that he has a picture of me sleeping at the park. So he saw me shaking and searched me for weapons. I totally forgot that I can call a supervisor when I feel like I getting picked on by a cop. The next day I went to the cop station and ask if I can talk to a supervisor about what happened last night. When I talked to him I told him that it was wrong for the person to trespass the park in order to take a picture of me but yet the officer didn't give him a warning. Also the officer took a picture of my i.d. and I told the supervisor that I never will know what he will do with that bcuz he can easily get away with selling my info. The supervisor said that they r not crooked but yet they busted my lip open just bcuz I didn't want to go to the mental hospital bcuz my mom lied saying that I was suicidal. Another time my phone got ran over and the cops were the only ones that touched it bcuz it was on a chair outside in the corner of Starbucks on Northpark. So I told him that how I am I suppose to think that yall aint crooked. He also said that there was no officer Williams that works there. So whoever is that mystery cop is I would like to say thanks bcuz I noticed on how the supervisor can lie in order for me to feel less crazy. There were a couple of times that I noticed that he was making something up. So ya I think yall get my point here bcuz I cant trust anyone. Not the cops, friends, and family. 

Prolix Raconteur --- 140 days ago -

Seek help 

God Troller --- 140 days ago -

I bet u would seek help if this stuff is happening to u bcuz I know how to handle my self 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 140 days ago -

Did you wear a sign that said I'm God Troller?? 

whatchamacallit --- 140 days ago -

Please talk to a counselor at your church and take their advice on your next move. 

Butterbean --- 140 days ago -

Sounds like a tweaker's dialog. 

God Troller --- 140 days ago -

no but the cops know what I am talking about. remember I startled them up by giving them a piece of my mind 

God Troller --- 140 days ago -

Please talk to a counselor at your church and take their advice on your next move.

I make counselers look stupid bcuz they make me cry all the time 

God Troller --- 140 days ago -

Sounds like a tweaker's dialog

when I'm off my medication it feels like I'm tweaking but a hell a lot more harder. I LOVE IT! 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 140 days ago -


whatchamacallit --- 140 days ago -

Summer is here! 

Porter Wagoner (Mod) --- 140 days ago -

Doesn't summer school start next week? 

whatchamacallit --- 140 days ago -

I hope so. 

Butterbean --- 140 days ago -

Yup. Ninth grade tweaker. 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 140 days ago -

The cop probably realized you were truant. Oh, that's right! School's out, now. :(( 

Myra801 --- 139 days ago -

Well said! 

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